A National Sales Tax Is a Terrible Idea

A small minority of House Republicans can force a vote on creating a national sales tax. It will give Democrats a needless political cudgel in exchange for a flawed bill with no hope of passage. The Fair Tax Act has been introduced by a small handful of Republicans in every Congress since 1999. The bill … Read more

The U.S. has hit its debt ceiling. How could Canada be impacted if a deal isn’t reached? – National

A political battle is brewing in the United States over a self-imposed cap on federal borrowing – and experts warn the Canadian economy may not be immune if the standoff is not resolved. US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen alerted lawmakers last week that the country would hit the debt ceiling on Thursday, currently set at … Read more

Even Biden’s America is booming compared with basket-case Britain

There have been major ructions in Washington DC this week, and as usual when major ructions occur elsewhere, it is impossible not to feel a slight delight. What a consolation that is. In the UK we may have gone through the year of the three prime ministers. We may be entering our seventh year of … Read more

Family of US Capitol police officer Brian Sicknick file wrongful death lawsuit against former president Donald Trump over January 6 riots

The family of a US Capitol police officer who died in the aftermath of the January 6 riots has sued former President Donald Trump for wrongful death, claiming he incited his supporters to commit violence. Key points: Lawsuit by Brian Sicknick’s estate claims his injuries in riot were ‘reasonable and foreseeable consequences’ of Donald Trump’s … Read more

Investigations and gridlock: What to expect in the U.S. Congress in 2023

Washington- After two years of one-party control, a new group of U.S. lawmakers will sit in a Congress split between a Democratic-led Senate and a Republican-led House of Representatives on Tuesday. Despite its wafer-thin majorities, the Democratic-controlled Congress of 2021-23 has been one of the most productive in modern history, drafting all manner of – … Read more

The ‘red wave’ washout: How skewed polls fed a false U.S. election narrative

U.S. Senator Patty Murray, a Democrat, has consistently won reelection with healthy margins in her three decades of representing Washington state. This year looked no different: By midsummer, polls showed her edging out Republican newcomer Tiffany Smiley by as much as 20 percentage points. So when a late September poll by the Republican-leaning Trafalgar Group … Read more

New U.S. Congress faces many fights in new year, including McCarthy’s troubled bid for Speaker

The first days of a new Congress usually take the form of a winter festival – warm feelings in the legislative chambers, congratulatory hugs in the comfortable enclosure of the Senate and the House of Representatives, family celebrations festive on the floor, all in a particular extension of Washington. in good holiday spirit. “It’s usually … Read more

Manchin sidesteps questions on leaving Democratic Party: ‘I’ll let you know later’  

Sen. Joe Manchin (DW.Va.) on Sunday avoided questions about whether he would quit the Democratic Party after being asked about his comments regarding his Senate service as an “independent voice.” Manchin avoided saying outright whether he would join fellow centrist Sen. Krysten Sinema (I-Arizona), who shocked Washington earlier this month by announcing she would go … Read more

Democrats show signs of life in rural America

Data: third way; Graphics: Axios Visuals. Note: Ryan’s percentage is from his unsuccessful Senate bid. A new midterm analysis by the centrist Democratic think tank Third Way finds that most Democratic candidates have improved on President Biden’s 2020 performance in rural America — with a few notable exceptions. How it works: Third Way’s data dive … Read more