Deus Ex Developer May Not Release New Entry For a “Very, Very Long Time”

Deus Ex developer Eidos Montreal may not be prioritizing a new Deus Ex game right now. Over the past decade, Eidos Montreal has gone through many adjustments behind the scenes. Although the developer’s last two Deus Ex games were extremely well received by critics and fans alike, they failed to get the commercial buzz that … Read more

Deus Ex Studio Reportedly Wants to “Do What Cyberpunk 2077 Couldn’t”

The team behind the Deus Ex series apparently wants to bring the series back and show off CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077. The Deus Ex series is one of the most beloved sci-fi and cyberpunk game franchises and it has really found a lot of love with its most recent games, Deus ex human revolution … Read more

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Writer Working on Next Mass Effect

In case you missed it, it was recently revealed that Mary DeMarle, formerly at developer Eidos-Montreal, has joined BioWare. DeMarle jumping onto BioWare, which is known for its storytelling, is big news considering she had served as senior storytelling director on Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy and served as lead writer and executive director of … Read more