Airline passengers arriving to the US from Uganda will be routed through five airports for enhanced Ebola screening

CNN — All US-bound airline passengers who have been in Uganda within 21 days of arrival will be routed to one of five US airports for enhanced Ebola testing, the US Embassy announced on Thursday. United in Uganda. Beginning at 11:59 p.m. ET on Thursday, passengers will be flown to JFK Airport in New York; … Read more

CDC, WHO, Uganda to host regional meeting as Ebola spreads

A medical assistant disinfects a doctor’s rubber boots before leaving the Ebola isolation section of Mubende Regional Referral Hospital in Mubende, Uganda, September 29, 2022.Hajarah Nalwadda/Associated Press The Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Uganda will host a ministerial meeting next week on the outbreak of the Sudanese strain of Ebola virus, which … Read more

US airstrike killed an al-Shabaab leader in Somalia on Saturday

CNN — A US airstrike in Somalia on Saturday killed an al-Shabaab militant leader in coordination with the Somali government, US Africa Command said in a statement. The United States said the initial assessment of the strike was that an al-Shabaab militant leader was killed and there were no civilian casualties. Although the statement did … Read more