Putin has another gas shock for us: the deindustrialisation of Europe

“Putin knows exactly what he is doing. It targets electrical substations and step-up transformers that are difficult to replace,” said Professor Alan Riley, energy expert at the Atlantic Council and adviser for Ukraine. “He has a full view of every target because he has detailed plans dating back to the Soviet Union. This is an … Read more

The UAE’s climate envoy: ‘Joint climate action can help us achieve peace and prosperity. Here’s why we’re partnering with the U.S. to invest $100 billion in clean energy–and what to expect in COP28’

The message from COP27 in Sharm El Sheikh is clear: the world must accelerate the transition to cleaner energy. It’s the shortest path to Net Zero. To get there, we must pick up the pace by creating global collaborations that deliver both economic and climate progress through pragmatic, realistic, practical and commercially viable initiatives. Announced … Read more

The U.S.-Saudi Rift Over Oil Prices Is Déjà Vu All Over Again

The Biden administration finds itself simultaneously snubbed by two bitter rivals, Saudi Arabia and Iran. It’s quite a costly feat for the United States, a nation that relies on stable oil prices to maintain a healthy economy. The relentless pursuit of a quixotic nuclear deal with Iran — first by the Obama administration and now … Read more

The growing rebellion facing Joe Biden – and what it means for Europe’s gas supplies

The United States became a net exporter of gas in 2017 for the first time since the late 1950s. It has helped keep the world supplied as Russia throttles supplies to Europe amid its war on the US. ‘Ukraine. In the first half of 2022, the United States overtook Australia and Qatar to become the … Read more

World Bank president calls European energy problem ‘immense,’ says US should increase production

World Bank President David Malpass said in a radio interview on Sunday that Europe is facing a “huge” energy crisis and that the United States should increase its energy production to counter the problem. “Europe’s dependence on Russian oil, natural gas and coal has become immense,” Malpass told host John Catsimatidis on “Cats Roundtable – … Read more

Russia makes Philip Schofield the face of its energy war on the West

Phillip Schofield became an unlikely star of Kremlin propaganda on Tuesday after offering ITV viewers the chance to win cash to cover their energy bills. “This week we’ve got our usual cash prizes, but you could also win some extra cash to pay your energy bills until the end of the year,” he told viewers … Read more

Joe Biden’s green agenda hits Americans with an oil price shock

When his green credentials were challenged by a young campaigner, Joe Biden had a simple answer. “Kiddo, I want you to look me in the eye,” the future president said in 2019, shaking his hand. “I guarantee you we’re going to be done with fossil fuels.” Unlike his predecessor Donald Trump, the Democratic hopeful promised … Read more

Prime Minister says gas generators were ‘gaming’ the energy crisis and threatening supply

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has accused gas producers of “gambling” the system, taking advantage of the energy crisis and forcing unprecedented market operator intervention. Key points: Prime Minister accused gas companies of playing with the system He says market rules deter producers from operating in a crisis WA Premier says East Coast needs gas booking … Read more