Opinion: America was lucky Trump didn’t seize control of the DOJ

Editor’s note: Elliot Williams is a CNN legal analyst. He is a former Assistant Deputy Attorney General in the Department of Justice and is currently Director of The Raben Group, a public affairs firm. Follow him on Twitter @elliotcwilliams. He served as a Justice Department prosecutor from 2004 to 2007 and Assistant Deputy Attorney General … Read more

US DoJ dismantles Russian botnet infra that hacked millions of devices

The United States took down the infrastructure of a Russian botnet that hacked into millions of computers and other electronic devices around the world while operating as a proxy service. The US Department of Justice, together with law enforcement partners in Germany, the Netherlands and the UK, took down a Russian … Read more

Vladimir Putin: US intelligence agencies make understanding Russian President’s state of mind a top priority

Washington CNN — The US intelligence community has made evaluating Russian President Vladimir Putin’s state of mind a top priority in recent days as it seeks to establish how that is affecting his handling of the rapidly escalating Ukraine crisis, according to two sources familiar with the effort. The efforts come as longtime Putin-watchers have … Read more