A National Sales Tax Is a Terrible Idea

A small minority of House Republicans can force a vote on creating a national sales tax. It will give Democrats a needless political cudgel in exchange for a flawed bill with no hope of passage. The Fair Tax Act has been introduced by a small handful of Republicans in every Congress since 1999. The bill … Read more

Why the Age of American Progress Ended

This article was featured in One Story to Read Today, a newsletter in which our editors recommend a single must-read from The Atlantic, Monday through Friday. Sign up for it here.       The Scourge of All Humankind If you were, for whatever macabre reason, seeking the most catastrophic moment in the history of humankind, … Read more

United States, South Korea to partner on advanced air mobility development

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said on Saturday it had agreed to partner with the Korea Bureau of Civil Aviation (KOCA) in the development and operation of future Advanced Air Mobility aircraft. The two nations signed a statement to collaborate and share information on advanced air mobility projects and work together to promote safety … Read more

Former PM Kevin Rudd tells United States to stop throwing allies ‘under a bus’ to limit Chinese influence in the region

Australia’s new ambassador to Washington, Kevin Rudd, has been accused of engaging in ‘opinion talk’ after saying the US must stop throwing its allies ‘under a bus’ over the economy. Key points: Kevin Rudd called on the United States to open its markets to its allies, despite the “prevailing feeling of protection” in Congress Shadow … Read more

Donald Trump seeks a ‘special master’ to overlook classified documents seized from Mar-a-lago home by the FBI

Donald Trump’s lawyers have filed a lawsuit against the United States government over the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) search of his mansion earlier this month. The former president’s legal team on Monday (local time) asked a federal judge to stop the agency from continuing to read classified documents that were seized until a third-party … Read more

Pat Benatar refuses to sing Hit Me With Your Best Shot ever again

Pat Benatar is refusing to perform her hit 1980 song Hit Me With Your Best Shot in the wake of the horrific mass shootings across America this year. Speaking to USA Today, the rock singer said she will avoid performing the track during her current tour in “protest” of gun violence. Instead, the 69-year-old singer … Read more

US Supreme Court imposes limits on Joe Biden’s ability to cut carbon emissions

The United States Supreme Court has placed limits on the power of the United States government to issue sweeping regulations to reduce carbon emissions from power plants. Key points: It restricts the EPA’s power to regulate emissions from coal and gas power plants The six conservatives on the court were in the majority and the … Read more

Former Hey Dad! star Robert Hughes granted parole and deported back to the UK

A former Hey Dad! cast member and convicted pedophile has won his bid for freedom and will be deported back to the UK. Convicted pedophile and ex-Australian TV star Robert Hughes will be released from prison and deported to the UK by Border Force officials. The State Parole Authority announced the decision for the inmate … Read more

Why America Hasn’t Achieved ‘Energy Independence’

In December, in a ballet of global logistics, more than 30 tankers ferrying liquid natural gas from the United States to various destinations around the globe—Japan, Brazil, South Africa—canceled their trips and set a new course for the European Union. On the days they pulled into port, the U.S. supplied more natural gas to Europe … Read more