U.S. House expected to pass same-sex marriage bill, showing shift in attitudes

WASHINGTON, Dec 6 (Reuters) – A bill protecting federal recognition of same-sex marriages, backed by both LGBT advocates and religious groups, is expected to pass the U.S. House of Representatives on Tuesday with support bipartisan, a sign of an important cultural change. change in a divided nation. The Respect for Marriage Act, which was passed … Read more

Web designer’s anti-gay marriage stance goes to U.S. Supreme Court

WASHINGTON, Dec 5 (Reuters) – The U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments on Monday in a landmark case pitting LGBT rights against a claim that the constitutional right to free speech exempts artists from anti-discrimination laws in a dispute involving an evangelical Christian web designer. who refuses to provide services for same-sex marriages. Judges are … Read more

Fiance of U.S. citizen detained in UAE fears he will be extradited to Egypt

DUBAI, Dec 4 (Reuters) – An Egyptian-American national detained during a visit to the United Arab Emirates fears extradition to Egypt for criticizing the country’s authorities before the country hosted the conference on the COP27 climate last month, her fiancé said on Sunday. The United Arab Emirates, a close ally of Egypt, arrested Sherif Osman, … Read more

Judge blocks Indiana abortion ban on religious freedom grounds

Dec 2 (Reuters) – A second Indiana judge on Friday blocked the state from enforcing its law banning most abortions after Jewish, Muslim and non-Christian women challenged it in a lawsuit. Marion County Superior Court Judge Heather Welch issued a preliminary injunction against the Republican-backed law, which bans abortions with limited exceptions for rape, incest, … Read more

Obituary: China’s Jiang Zemin confounded doubters, mended U.S. ties

BEIJING, Nov 30 (Reuters) – Raised from obscurity to lead the ruling Chinese Communist Party after the 1989 Tiananmen crackdown, former Chinese President Jiang Zemin was meant to be just another leading figure in the transition, intended to be a footnote in history. Yet Jiang, who died Wednesday at the age of 96, baffled naysayers, … Read more

U.S. Senate passes same-sex marriage protection bill

WASHINGTON, Nov 29 (Reuters) – The U.S. Senate on Tuesday passed a bill that would protect federal recognition of same-sex marriage, a move taken in response to fears the Supreme Court could overturn a 2015 ruling that legalized it at national scale. The narrowly tailored bill, which would require the federal government to recognize a … Read more

Niece of Iran’s Supreme Leader urges world to cut ties with Tehran -online video

DUBAI, Nov 27 (Reuters) – The niece of Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, a well-known human rights activist, has called on foreign governments to sever all ties with Tehran following the violent crackdown on popular unrest caused by the death in police custody of a young woman. A video of a statement by Farideh … Read more

Canada’s Trudeau defends use of emergency powers in ‘Freedom Convoy’ protests

TORONTO, Nov 25 (Reuters) – Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Friday defended invoking emergency powers to end anti-government protests that paralyzed the capital earlier this year, citing the threat of violence and the absence credible police plan. Protests by the “Freedom Convoy” against public health measures, including vaccination mandates, shut down Ottawa and blocked … Read more

Adidas launches probe into misconduct allegations against Kanye West

Nov 24 (Reuters) – Adidas AG (ADSGn.DE) on Thursday said it has launched an investigation into allegations of inappropriate behavior by Kanye West, after the German sporting goods maker last month ended its partnership with the rapper and fashion designer. Adidas said it initiated the probe after receiving an anonymous letter making several allegations against … Read more

U.S. talking to Mexico, other countries to facilitate return of Venezuelan migrants

Nov 23 (Reuters) – The United States is in talks with Mexico and other countries to facilitate the return of Venezuelan migrants to their country of origin, a senior U.S. official said in a call with reporters on Tuesday. . “We are in discussions with Mexico and other countries to see what can be done … Read more