Self-made millionaire claims every man should own Lamborghini by their 20s

He’s going from brags to riches. A 24-year-old self-made — or at least self-proclaimed — millionaire is under fire for declaring that every man should own a luxury sports car by their 20s, because $200,000 is “chump change” unless you’re a lazy loser. “If you’re a guy in your 20s and you don’t have a … Read more

Celeb bowhunters fined $133K for ‘worst ever poaching ring’

A controversial pair of bow hunters – famous for flaunting hunting trophies to hundreds of thousands of social media followers – have been fined $133,000 for allegedly trafficking animals in Nebraska . The pair were convicted last week in federal court in Omaha in what is being called the biggest poaching case in state history. … Read more

TikTok star famous for eating nostalgic food dead at 33

A TikToker famous for eating strange and nostalgic food has reportedly died at age 33. Taylor, who posted using the username @Wafffler69 on TikTok, is believed to have suffered a fatal heart attack on Wednesday, according to his brother, Clayton. The influencer — whose full name is Taylor Claydorm, according to the Sun — amassed … Read more

Try Guys wife claims she watched James Corden scream at busboy

Becky Habersberger, the wife of Try Guys member Keith Habersberger, once allegedly watched James Corden scream at a Los Angeles busboy. The makeup artist shared a TikTok video Tuesday detailing the alleged incident, one day after the talk show host was slammed for mistreating Balthazar servers. “I overhear [a] busboy telling James Corden that Little … Read more

‘Try Guys’ producer’s ex-fiancé drinks champagne after cheating scandal

“Will Thayer Tries the Single Life.” “Try Guys” producer Alexandria Herring’s ex-fiancé was already moving on days before he allegedly exposed her for cheating on him with one of the show’s co-founders, Ned Fulmer. Will Thayer (right) is leaning on his friends after he exposed his ex-fiancé for cheating.stevencuzzo Instagram/stevencuzz On Sunday, Thayer’s friend Steven Cuzzort … Read more