U.S. Jews battle new ‘mainstreamed’ anti-Semitism

Washington- US President Joe Biden’s outright condemnation of anti-Semitism on Friday was prompted by an alarming normalization of anti-Jewish tropes and hate speech on social media and by influential public figures, experts said. A day after hip-hop and fashion mogul Kanye West expressed his “love” for the Nazis and 10 days after ex-President Donald Trump … Read more

‘Sorry Joe, football won’ – Netherlands Prime Minister sends cheeky response to US President Joe Biden’s tweet after World Cup victory

United States President Joe Biden had a taste of his own medicine on Twitter following the United States’ elimination from the World Cup on Saturday. The 46th POTUS sent a message of good luck to his country ahead of their Round of 16 clash with the Netherlands – but unfortunately the Democrat’s wishes didn’t have … Read more

Dems move to make South Carolina, not Iowa, 1st voting state

WASHINGTON (AP) — Democrats voted Friday to remove Iowa as the lead state from the presidential nominating calendar and replace it with South Carolina starting in 2024, a dramatic shakeup championed by President Joe Biden to better reflect the party’s deeply diverse electorate. The rulemaking arm of the Democratic National Committee made the decision to … Read more

Taiwan’s GlobalWafers Breaks Ground On First U.S. Silicon Wafer Plant In More Than Two Decades

GlobalWafers logo seen on a smartphone screen. (Photo Illustration by Pavlo Gonchar/SOPA … [+] Images/LightRocket via Getty Images) SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images I wrote last month about plans by GlobalWafers, the world’s third-largest silicon wafer maker, to open a new $5 billion facility in Texas in December, part of a growing investment trend. of … Read more

Democrats vote to move forward with Biden plan to put South Carolina first on 2024 primary calendar

CNN — The Democratic National Committee’s regulatory arm voted on Friday to approve a proposal to radically reshape the 2024 presidential nomination calendar and make South Carolina the first state to hold a primary, followed by Nevada and New Hampshire on same day a few days later, then Georgia and Michigan before Super Tuesday. President … Read more

Macron’s visit is ‘major breakthrough’ to avert trade war with the US, Le Maire says

Talks between French President Emmanuel Macron and US President Joe Biden this week in Washington were a “turning point” capable of averting a trade war between the two sides of the Atlantic, the French finance minister has said. Bruno the Mayor said Friday. One of the topics on the two leaders’ agenda this week was … Read more

Biden signs bill averting rail worker strike despite lack of paid sick days

President Joe Biden has signed a bill making a railroad strike illegal, preventing workers from leaving work weeks before the holiday season. “The bill I’m about to sign ends a difficult rail dispute and helps our country avoid what, no doubt, would have been an economic disaster at a very bad time in the calendar,” … Read more

AP sources: Biden tells Dems he wants SC as 1st primary vote

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden said Democrats should abandon “restrictive” caucuses and prioritize diversity at the start of their presidential primary schedule – dealing a blow to Iowa’s decades-long status as a state leading the process. In a letter to the regulatory arm of the Democratic National Committee on Thursday, Biden did not mention … Read more

The U.S. wants the EU to be strict with China. But Europe can’t afford it

US President Joe Biden and Emmanuel Macron, President of France, met at the White House. Bloomberg | Bloomberg | Getty Images The United States has stepped up its heavy-handed rhetoric against China and wants Europe to follow suit. But the bloc can’t quite afford to do the same. The US administration has been particularly focused … Read more

High court to rule on Biden student loan cancellation plan

WASHINGTON (AP) – The Supreme Court agreed on Thursday to decide whether the Biden administration can cancel student loans globally, keeping the program on hold for now but signaling a final response in early summer. That’s about two months before the new extended break in loan repayments expires.. The administration had wanted a court order … Read more