DeSantis’ migrant flights to Martha’s Vineyard appear outside the scope of Florida transport program guidelines, state documents show

CNN — A pair of flights carrying migrants from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard last month, orchestrated by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, may have exceeded the original scope of the state’s plan to transport undocumented immigrants, according to records obtained by CNN. . Records show that in the months leading up to those flights, Florida had … Read more

Woman who allegedly helped arrange migrant flights to Martha’s Vineyard identified by CNN as former Army counterintelligence agent Perla Huerta

CNN — “Perla,” the woman who allegedly helped organize migrant flights from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts, has been identified by CNN as Perla Huerta, who served as a counterintelligence agent and combat medical specialist in the US Army until August. About 50 migrants were flown last month from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard on … Read more

While DeSantis was flying legal asylum seekers to Martha’s Vineyard, business owners in his state are struggling for workers

CNN Business — For the past two years, Jan Gautam has sporadically worked as a housekeeper at hotels in Orlando, Florida operated by Interesting Hotels & Resort Management, or IHRMC. When he’s not making the beds, he’s busy running the business. He is President and CEO of IHRMC, which is based in Orlando, Florida. “I … Read more

Migrants flown to Martha’s Vineyard say they were misled in lawsuit against Gov. Ron DeSantis

A group of Venezuelan migrants filed a lawsuit in federal court on Tuesday against Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis and other Florida officials who took credit Fly ’em to Martha’s Vineyardalleging that they were lured onto flights by gifts and false offers of employment and services. Three migrants from Venezuela represented by Massachusetts civil rights lawyers … Read more

Opinion: What Martha’s Vineyard tells us about immigration

Editor’s note: Daniela Gerson is assistant professor of journalism at California State University, Northridge, and former community engagement editor at the Los Angeles Times. The opinions expressed in this commentary are his own. Read more reviews on CNN. CNN — Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ decision to send two planes carrying migrants to Martha’s Vineyard on … Read more

Attorneys representing more than 30 migrants flown to Massachusetts urge criminal investigations

CNN — Lawyers representing more than 30 of the migrants airlifted to Massachusetts this week have asked the US Attorney for Massachusetts and the state’s Attorney General to open criminal investigations into the flights. Lawyers for Civil Rights, which provides free legal assistance to communities of color and immigrants, criticized Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, calling … Read more

Migrants’ 44-hour visit leaves indelible mark on Martha’s Vineyard

Edgartown, Massachusetts CNN  —  After sharing hugs and teary goodbyes with roughly 50 migrants who had arrived unexpectedly by plane on this affluent vacation island, the volunteers who sheltered them at an Episcopal church carried out tables and chairs, packed food onto trucks and folded portable cots. A familiar quiet had descended by Friday afternoon … Read more

Florida’s DeSantis flies dozens of “illegal immigrants” to Martha’s Vineyard, escalating tactic against “sanctuary destinations”

50 migrants transferred to Martha’s Vineyard by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis 50 migrants transferred to Martha’s Vineyard by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis 03:10 Tallahassee, Florida – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis flew two immigrant planes to Martha’s Vineyard on Wednesday, intensifying a tactic of the Republican governors to draw attention to what they see as the … Read more

1 swimmer found dead, 1 missing after jump off ‘Jaws’ bridge on Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

One of two missing swimmers who jumped from the “Jaws” bridge over Martha’s Vineyard late Sunday night has been found dead. Officials said four people jumped off the bridge in Edgartown at 11 p.m. Two were rescued, but two men are still missing. A search party has recovered the body of one of the missing … Read more