How William Rehnquist led to the new monumental challenge to presidential election rules

CNN  —  When Chief Justice William Rehnquist helped decide the 2000 presidential election, his radical legal theory failed to gain a majority. But today’s conservative court is giving it another chance, in a case that could transform elections in 2024 and beyond. Back in 2000, the justices by a 5-4 vote stopped Florida recounts and … Read more

Hawaii volcano: State activates National Guard as lava from Mauna Loa slowly inches closer to critical highway

CNN — Officials in Hawaii have activated the state National Guard to help respond to the eruption of Mauna Loa, whose lava has been oozing steadily toward a critical highway for days. The lava fountains that erupted from the volcano over the past week pose no threat to communities or property, officials said. Still, the … Read more

News, scores, results, Andrew Nembhard, Indiana Pacers defeat Golden State Warriors, Philadelphia 76ers double OT loss to Houston Rockets, James Harden return, Joel Embiid

An understaffed Indiana Pacers stunned the Golden State Warriors on the road in a 112-104 victory behind a monstrous outburst from rookie Andrew Nembhard. Matched on Steph Curry for most of the game, Nembhard finished with 31 points, five triples, eight rebounds and 13 assists — all career highs — to lead a Pacers team … Read more

Jurors in Los Angeles continue deliberations in Harvey Weinstein’s second rape trial

CNN  —  A Los Angeles jury returned to court Monday to continue its deliberations in the second sexual assault trial of disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, who is accused of using his Hollywood influence to lure women into private meetings and assault them. Weinstein faces two counts of forcible rape and five counts of sexual … Read more

Attacks on US power grid have been subject of extremist chatter for years. DHS bulletin warns of target attacks on critical infrastructure amid other targets

CNN — Attacks on the US power grid have been the subject of extremist discussion for some time, including 2020, the same year, a 14-page how-to guide to low-tech attacks, including grid assault electricity with firearms, circulated among the extremists. communication channels. A Department of Homeland Security bulletin reported by CNN days before a weekend … Read more

US Secret Service accuses Chinese government-linked hackers of stealing $20 million in Covid relief

CNN — Hackers linked to the Chinese government have stolen at least $20 million in US government coronavirus relief funds, a US Secret Service spokesperson told CNN on Monday – the first time the agency has connected the Covid-19 fraud to hackers affiliated with a foreign government. The hackers looted unemployment insurance funds and Small … Read more

Raphael Warnock: Sky-high Black turnout fueled his previous win. Will Georgia do it again?

Atlanta CNN — Former UN Ambassador Andrew Young rode his scooter alongside Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock, Martin Luther King III and an enthusiastic crowd of walkers on a recent Sunday in a southwest Atlanta neighborhood . The group stopped at an early polling station to vote, forming a line with some waiting up to an … Read more

No Gravity Games Is Handing Out 12 Free Switch Games This Month (North America)

Subscribe to Nintendo Life at Youtube It’s safe to say that we all love Switch games, but you know what’s better? Free switching games. Luckily, No Gravity Games is giving them out again by the bag in December (if by “bag” you mean a maximum of 12, that is) as part of the “12 Christmas … Read more

Athena Strand: Texas school districts encourage students to wear pink in honor of 7-year-old after a FedEx driver was charged in her kidnapping and killing

CNN — Several school districts in Texas are encouraging students to wear pink Monday in honor of Athena Strand, the 7-year-old girl who was allegedly kidnapped outside her home and killed last week. More than 20 school districts, including the Paradise Independent School District in the county where Strand disappeared, are taking part in the … Read more

Lorie Smith: Same-sex marriage fight continues at the Supreme Court with challenge from website designer

CNN — The Supreme Court will revisit the intersection of LGBTQ rights and religious freedom on Monday when it hears the case of a graphic designer who is looking to start a website business to perform weddings – but doesn’t want to work with. same-sex couples. The case comes as LGBTQ rights supporters fear the … Read more