US Policy Toward China Is Undermining Security for Communities in the Asia-Pacific – The Diplomat

Advertising The Biden administration recently released three military policy documents – the Nuclear Posture Review, the National Defense Strategy and the Missile Defense Review – that prioritize “defending the homeland, at the pace of the growing threat in several areas posed by the People’s Republic of China”. While the Department of Defense stresses the importance … Read more

Taiwan and the U.S. Need Statesmanship, Not Partisanship

Taiwan’s local elections on Saturday didn’t exactly come under fire, but the threat from China was palpable enough. The island’s competitive vote stood in stark contrast to the Communist Party of China’s National Congress in October, which effectively made Xi Jinping president for life. Videos of Mr Xi’s predecessor, Hu Jintao, being forcibly removed from … Read more

Putin has another gas shock for us: the deindustrialisation of Europe

“Putin knows exactly what he is doing. It targets electrical substations and step-up transformers that are difficult to replace,” said Professor Alan Riley, energy expert at the Atlantic Council and adviser for Ukraine. “He has a full view of every target because he has detailed plans dating back to the Soviet Union. This is an … Read more

Keep Foreign Cash Out of U.S. Courts

Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto There is a tool that could give foreign adversaries a way to disrupt the US economy and political system: fund litigation in US courts. Third-party litigation funding turns the US court system into a financial playground by turning lawsuits into investment vehicles. Hedge funds, specialized firms and others finance plaintiffs in exchange … Read more

Opinion: Employees or independent contractors? Fairness for America’s gig workers must come from entrepreneurs, not government.

New rules promulgated by the US Department of Labor on how to classify gig workers have drawn heated responses from both sides of the issue. Union activists want to see gig workers treated as employees, with employers paying minimum wage, overtime, part of a worker’s social security contributions and unemployment insurance premiums. Companies that employ … Read more

While the Tories slowly destroy Britain, US conservatives are transforming America

On a flight back to Britain the other week I watched Manifest. A supernatural story, a plane mysteriously lands several years after taking off. The time travel plot may have been silly, but it was good preparation for my arrival at Heathrow, where I felt like I had landed in the 1970s. The news in … Read more

A Plan to Save America’s Finances

Americans voted for a divided government last week. Democrats have retained control of the Senate and Republicans appear poised to take control of the House by the narrowest of margins. Neither side has a clear political mandate. A partisan stalemate is likely to produce congressional investigations and tight-rope politics. And the 2024 presidential campaign has … Read more

Scott Reeder | Both parties are experts at gaming the system | Columns

Democracy is dying in this country, and it is being killed by entrenched interests in both political parties. I can’t put it more bluntly than that. There are some things I found encouraging in the recent midterm elections: Trump’s Republicans in the hotly contested congressional races came under bombardment. If I had to name a … Read more

It’s Time to Take the Gloves Off on Myanmar – The Diplomat

Myanmar military tanks are driven during a parade to commemorate the 77th Myanmar Armed Forces Day in Naypyidaw, Myanmar, Sunday, March 27, 2022. Credit: AP Photo/Aung Shine Oo Advertising When G-20 leaders meet on the resort island of Bali this week, Russia’s war in Ukraine will undoubtedly dominate the conversation. But US President Joe Biden … Read more

Samuel Adams Revolution Fits Bitcoin Economy – Bitcoin Magazine

This is an opinion editorial by Frank Nuessle, former television executive, college professor and publishing entrepreneur. This is the second part of an essay that explores the lessons to be learned from how Samuel Adams framed the American Revolution and how that same framing can accelerate the evolution of the dynamic American bitcoin economy we … Read more