Explained: What is the US Chips Act over which Intel has ‘delayed’ plans to build $20 billion factory

Intel reportedly delayed plans to build its $20 billion semiconductor factory in the United States due to the Chips Act. The chipmaker said it will not proceed with the grand opening of the Ohio facilities at this time due to the ongoing chip law delay. “Unfortunately, Chips Law funding has moved slower than expected and … Read more

House passes first major federal gun safety legislation in decades, bill will next go to Biden for signature

CNN — The House on Friday passed a bipartisan gun violence bill that amounts to the first major federal gun safety legislation in decades. The final tally was 234 to 193 with 14 Republicans voting with Democrats to approve the measure. Now that the House has passed the bill, it will go to President Joe … Read more

Opinion: America was lucky Trump didn’t seize control of the DOJ

Editor’s note: Elliot Williams is a CNN legal analyst. He is a former Assistant Deputy Attorney General in the Department of Justice and is currently Director of The Raben Group, a public affairs firm. Follow him on Twitter @elliotcwilliams. He served as a Justice Department prosecutor from 2004 to 2007 and Assistant Deputy Attorney General … Read more

What to expect January 6 hearings day 4: Inside the state pressure campaign

CNN — The House Select Committee investigating the January 6, 2021 attack on the United States Capitol turns its attention on Tuesday to the campaign to pressure state officials to overturn the results 2020 elections. The hearing will focus in particular on then-President Donald Trump’s efforts to overturn the results in Arizona and Georgia – … Read more

What’s in the bipartisan gun deal and what’s not

Washington CNN — On Sunday, a bipartisan group of senators unveiled a tentative agreement on gun safety legislation, outlining an upcoming package of reforms to address one of the world’s most pressing and controversial issues. country following the mass shootings in Buffalo, New York and Uvalde. , Texas. One of the main factors that remains … Read more

President Joe Biden welcomes breakthrough in gun reform deal reached by bipartisan group of US senators

In a potential breakthrough toward the first major new U.S. gun laws in decades, a bipartisan group of senators announced agreement on a framework for a gun safety bill, with enough Republican support to advance to the tightly divided Senate. Key points: President Joe Biden says there’s no reason the new deal shouldn’t be quickly … Read more

Senators look to announce initial agreement on guns as soon as Sunday

CNN — Senate negotiators from both parties are pushing to announce an outline of an agreement on new measures to address gun violence as early as Sunday, according to sources familiar with the talks. The sources stress that the agreement is only in principle and that the thorny legislative text is not yet written. Still, … Read more

January 6 committee chairman says witnesses have described conversations between extremists and Trump’s orbit

Washington CNN — The Democratic chairman of the House Select Committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol said Thursday the panel will introduce witnesses describing conversations between extremist groups and members of the orbit of the former President Donald Trump. Asked by CNN’s Jake Tapper if there are “any witnesses who … Read more

January 6 panel eyes Trump’s culpability as hearings begin

CNN — With public hearings kicking off this week, the House Select Committee investigating Jan. 6 is focusing on former President Donald Trump and preparing to use its platform to claim he was responsible. serious abuses of power that almost upended American democracy. The committee’s central mission has been to uncover the full extent of … Read more