Marvel’s Avengers Will Die With Spider-Man Stuck On PlayStation

Picture: Wonder / Crystal Dynamics Late last week, Square Enix announced that its beleaguered Live service game 2020, Marvel’s Avengerswill no longer receive new content or major updates after March 31. And all official support for the game will end September 30, 2023, with digital sales also ending on that date. While you can still … Read more

Drake Now Owns Pharrell Williams’ $20,000 Golden PlayStation

Hi, welcome, let’s take a break from industry news and global doom and talk about a rap video and very, very expensive PlayStation Portable handheld. Producer, rapper and anime enthusiast Pharrell Williams was, a very long time ago, slightly notable for owning a 14-karat gold Blackberry (I told you it was a very long time … Read more

Sony Might Finally Be Ready To Focus On PS5 Games And Ditch PS4

Picture: sony The ten year old PlayStation 4, released in 2013, has continued to receive big and new exclusives from Sony, even if those older-gen ports feel outdated or inferior. But now it finally looks like Sony is ready to move on and leave the aging PS4 behind. Well, almost ready… It’s a little hard … Read more

The Min Specs For Some PC Games Are Getting Out Of Control

Square-Enix the prophesied requires a LOT of RAMPicture: Square-Enix For the past few years, the minimum amount of RAM you’d need to play the latest PC games has been around 8-16GB. Unless you’re talking about some very weird outliers, which are both also games from or appearing on the PlayStation 5. Last month we learned … Read more

2023’s new must watch show: Viewers lavish praise over HBO’s latest hit The Last of Us

Viewers have been raving about HBO’S latest hit TV show The Last of Us branding it ‘a masterpiece’ as the show based upon the iconic video game rakes in hundreds of reviews from users who are waiting on the edge of their seats for the next episode to release.  10 years after the PlayStation game … Read more

Final Fantasy 16 Producer Suggests PC Players Just ‘Buy A PS5’

“Just buy a PS5? What, is it hard?”Screenshot: Square-Enix Final Fantasy XVIthe next installment in the long-running JRPG series, will be released on June 22 as a PlayStation 5 exclusive. Final Fantasy games, such as Final Fantasy VII Remake, were also available on PC. And the last main entrance, Final Fantasy XV, was cross-platform. Unfortunately, … Read more

Ubisoft’s Star Wars Game Gets Disappointing Release Date Update

While Star Wars has a lot to offer the gaming world in 2023, Ubisoft’s highly anticipated open-world tile has encountered a few bumps in the road. For years, fans have been clamoring to be let loose in Star Wars galaxy through a fully open game experience. Fortunately, those long-standing prayers were answered in early 2021 … Read more

Playstation Games 2023 Top Best Ps5 Ps4 Exclusive Play Download Release Date

From God of War to Uncharted, PlayStation-exclusive titles always hold a special place in the hearts of console gamers. Of course, Sony has now started releasing several previously exclusive PlayStation titles on PC. However, the experience of enjoying your favorite PlayStation title, all from the comfort of your couch, on DualShock or DualSense controllers remains … Read more

PlayStation Decided Games Weren’t Enough In 2022

PlayStation expanded beyond the console in 2022.Illustration: Angelica Alzona The decision-makers behind Sony’s console juggernaut spent a lot of 2022 putting down railway for 2023 and beyond, dumping money and time into growing the PlayStation brand beyond the funky-looking device in your entertainment center. The company wants the PlayStation name to be ubiquitous, and that … Read more

Our Favorite Childhood Holiday Gifts, Video Game Edition

Space Quest IV: Carolyn Petit and the Time RippersScreenshot: Sierra Entertainment It must have been Christmas 1991 that I found Space Quest IV: Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers under the tree, and had a knack for seeing exciting new possibilities in games. I was a fan of adventure games, of course, having played a … Read more