The U.S. Shale Boom Is Officially Over

The days of explosive growth in US shale oil production are over. US oil production is increasing, but at a much slower pace than before the crash of 2020, and at lower rates than expected a few months ago. New shale patch priorities – capital discipline and a focus on shareholder returns and debt repayment … Read more

Frackers Jockey With Potash Miners for Space to Grow in Top U.S. Oil Field

Frackers at America’s busiest oilfield clash with miners working to boost production of a vital nutrient for crops in short supply after Russia invaded Ukraine. Relentless drilling in the Delaware Basin has boosted New Mexico’s oil production faster than any other state in the past 10 years. But Delaware, part of the Permian oilfield that … Read more

Biden Pitches Plan to Refill Oil Reserves, but Producers Are Skeptical

After releasing the most oil ever extracted from the U.S. Emergency Petroleum Reserve, the Biden administration signals it will soon fill, a multibillion-dollar venture that it hopes will spur drilling activity slow domestic. The land is likely to be a tough sell for many domestic producers, say industry executives and analysts. “It’s a bit more … Read more

The U.S.-Saudi Rift Over Oil Prices Is Déjà Vu All Over Again

The Biden administration finds itself simultaneously snubbed by two bitter rivals, Saudi Arabia and Iran. It’s quite a costly feat for the United States, a nation that relies on stable oil prices to maintain a healthy economy. The relentless pursuit of a quixotic nuclear deal with Iran — first by the Obama administration and now … Read more

Inmate Suicides Rose Sharply in U.S. Prisons, Jails During Pandemic

Suicides in jails and prisons across the United States have risen sharply over the past two years, according to data collected by The Wall Street Journal, a trend that officials and inmate advocates say is partly driven by increased isolation of inmates during the pandemic, more drug abuse including fentanyl, and staffing shortages. In the … Read more

Film students in Canberra learning to work with technology used in high budget productions like The Mandalorian

Film students at the Academy of Interactive Education (AIE) in Canberra are now able to use technology seen on productions such as The Mandalorian and Thor: Love and Thunder. Key points: The AIE’s StageCraft course is the first to exist in the world The technology displays backgrounds that move as the camera does Teacher Dan … Read more

Saudi Arabia pushed other OPEC+ nations into oil output cut, White House claims

National Security Council spokesman John Kirby speaks during a press briefing at the White House in Washington on August 4.JIM BOURG/Reuters Saudi Arabia pushed other OPEC+ countries for a production cut last week, the White House said on Thursday, amid an escalating war of words between the two former allies . ‘More than one’ OPEC … Read more

America’s Red-Hot Warehouse Market Shows Signs of Cooling

A pandemic-driven boom in storage demand is showing signs of slowing, as companies become more cautious about renting in an uncertain economy and seek to reduce large inventories that have overwhelmed storage space this year . Extremely thin vacancy rates began to rise and a measure of U.S. leasing activity fell back in the third … Read more

Saudi Arabia Defied U.S. Warnings Ahead of OPEC+ Production Cut

RIYAD, Arabie saoudite – Quelques jours avant une importante réduction de la production de pétrole par l’OPEP et ses alliés dirigés par la Russie, les responsables américains ont appelé leurs homologues saoudiens et d’autres grands producteurs du Golfe avec un appel urgent – ​​retarder la décision d’un mois supplémentaire, selon les gens familiarisé avec les … Read more

The U.S. Is Preparing Its Response To The “Short-Sighted” Strategy Of OPEC+

The United States is considering ‘response options’ in its dealings with OPEC+ members and its de facto leader Saudi Arabia after the group announced a major nominal cut of 2 million bpd in its collective target oil production earlier this week, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said. . “In terms of the future relationship, … Read more