Woman claims to spot her brother-in-law of TWENTY years cheating on his wife over Snapchat

Woman claims to spot her brother-in-law of TWENTY years cheating on his wife over Snapchat… but should she say anything? A woman saw Snapchats from another woman on her brother-in-law’s phone She thinks the Snapchat said the words ‘I love you’ but isn’t 100 per cent sure The distressed woman is now torn about whether to … Read more

Crown Princess Mary and Prince Frederik of Demark share sweet moment while dancing at a royal party

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark has flaunted her dancing skills and shared a touching moment with her husband Prince Frederik at a lavish bash.  The Australian-born royal, 50, attended a gala dinner at Christianborg Castle in Copenhagen on Friday evening where more than 350 guests partook in a choreographed dance.  Mary and Fredrik pranced about the … Read more

Lawn prawns: Woman stunned after thousands of rose gold ‘alien-like’ creatures invade her home

Woman grossed out after thousands of rose gold ‘alien-like’ creatures invade her home – so do you know what they are? A woman has taken to Facebook t help identify ‘alien like creatures’ in her home The creatures were quickly identified as lawn prawns, they live under leaf litter They are cousins of the sea … Read more

Mystery as Princess Mary of Denmark is nowhere to be seen at the Queen’s funeral

The Danish royal family was forced to leave Princess Mary at home after her invite to Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral was rescinded just days before due to a ‘regrettable error’ from the British Foreign Office.  Eagle-eyed royal commentators noted the distinct absence of the Australian-born Mary despite her husband Prince Frederik and mother-in-law Queen Margrethe II … Read more

Mum finds time capsule from December 1990 in her Sydney backyard with a range of nostalgic items

Mum finds a 32-year-old ‘time capsule’ in the backyard with a VERY strange selection of items from 1990 inside – so how many do you recognise? The Sydney woman dug up the glass jar in a backyard that was buried in 1990  It contained a newspaper page, condom, lotto ticket, a Ninja Turtle figurine  There was … Read more

Bodhi boss Heaven Leigh closing down popular vegan restaurant on August 7 after 34 years in Sydney

The owner of vegan institution Bodhi has revealed she is closing one of Sydney’s most popular restaurants because she fears missing seeing her children grow up -highlighting the struggle with staff shortages ruining Australian businesses. Restaurateur, Heaven Leigh, 46, said while her decision to close Bodhi wasn’t directly linked to industry-wide staff shortages, the federal Government … Read more

Aussies confused as expat Jordana Grace claims they don’t know what watermelon or instant coffee is

A young British woman living in Australia has baffled hundreds after claiming Aussies who visit the UK don’t know what watermelons or instant coffee are. In a video posted to her Instagram and TikTok pages, writer Jordana Grace re-enacted two conversations she has had with Australians about the two stock-standard items prompting a string of … Read more

Dating coach: The five reasons you should NEVER meet your suitor for a coffee on the first date

Meeting for a coffee on the first date almost guarantees you won’t get a second, according to a relationship expert who hates the idea of a cliché café encounter. Australian professional dating coach Louanne Ward said the noisy, uncomfortable and often crowded environment of your favourite café is a second date killer. In fact she … Read more

British expat Jordana Grace is shocked to find Australian houses have laundry rooms

British expat reveals the ONE thing that confuses her most about Aussie houses and apartments: ‘It’s such a culture shock’ British writer Jordana Grace has experienced ongoing Aussie culture shocks While inspecting houses to rent, she ask where the washing machine was  In the UK most washing machines are kept in the kitchen due to lack … Read more

Iris Smit named in FORBES 30 under 30 four years after rejecting Shark Tank offer: Quick Flick

A young Aussie beauty entrepreneur who declined a $300,000 offer on Shark Tank for her innovative eyeliner ‘stamps’ has made the Forbes Asia 30 under 30 list just four years on. Iris Smit, 27, has built a $15million beauty empire since rejecting Andrew Banks’ offer for her product The Quick Flick stamp, a beauty fridge that … Read more