Marvel’s Avengers Will Die With Spider-Man Stuck On PlayStation

Picture: Wonder / Crystal Dynamics Late last week, Square Enix announced that its beleaguered Live service game 2020, Marvel’s Avengerswill no longer receive new content or major updates after March 31. And all official support for the game will end September 30, 2023, with digital sales also ending on that date. While you can still … Read more

Lone Ruin IS Hades, But With Twin-Sticks And More Purple

GIF: Cuddle Monster Games / Kotaku If you’re reading this, then I’ve somehow managed to get away from my latest obsession: the generously purple isometric twin-stick roguelike lonely ruin. While its main three-layered ruin might seem too short for some, I found it did little to dampen the perpetual fun; the creative possibilities from randomly … Read more

Real Soldiers Use Metal Gear Solid Tactic To Defeat Robot

Cardboard boxes are very useful. You can use them to move stuff, create large elaborate forts out of them, and uh, probably other things too. But did you know that you can use a cardboard box to hide from a highly advanced military robot? It’s true, even if it sounds like something straight out of … Read more

Retro Action Game Asks What If Ninja Gaiden But Body Horror

Picture: JoyMasher / The Arcade Team Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider has everything you’d expect from an indie homage to 16-bit action platformers: there’s detailed industrial pixel art, crisp death animations, and plenty of spike pits. It’s brief but explosive, and would be right at home in any ’90s arcade cabinet tucked away in the back corner … Read more

Final Fantasy 16 Producer Suggests PC Players Just ‘Buy A PS5’

“Just buy a PS5? What, is it hard?”Screenshot: Square-Enix Final Fantasy XVIthe next installment in the long-running JRPG series, will be released on June 22 as a PlayStation 5 exclusive. Final Fantasy games, such as Final Fantasy VII Remake, were also available on PC. And the last main entrance, Final Fantasy XV, was cross-platform. Unfortunately, … Read more

Kotaku’s Top 10 Best Games of 2022, Ranked

I was warned of how heated Kotaku’s GOTY arguments traditionally get when I first started here in November, so I was a little nervous when I was put in charge of organizing and tabulating our list of the best games of the year. Would everyone vote? Would they get mad at me for ranking Destiny … Read more

Capcom Shuts Down Popular Resident Evil Fan Remakes

Image: Capcom The developers behind the fan remakes of resident Evil and Resident Evil Code: Veronica announced that development on both projects had ceased after Capcom contacted them and asked the developers to cancel the project. 1996 resident Evil was the start of modern survival horror games, and the 2000s Resident Evil Code: Veronicaits third … Read more

20 Years Ago, Sonic Advance 2 Perfected Sega’s Beloved Series

“Faster, Faster, until the thrill of speed overcomes the fear of death.” –Hunter S. Thompson In much the same way that ancient peoples looked up at the night sky and imagined other worlds, the first video game developers looked at a thingy on a screen and imagined it moving really fast. Who could blame them? … Read more

Amazon Promises God Of War Show Will Be ‘True’ To Games

Image: Santa Monica/Sony Studios The past few years have been pretty full of TV shows and movies adapted from popular games. And more are coming in the pipeline. If you ask some fans, many of these shows have strayed too far from their original source, so it would be nice to hear that the producers … Read more

New Micro FPS Is The Coolest Game Of 2022

Screenshot: David Szymansky Are you feeling a little tired of all the big games this year or all the online service games that seem to never end? Looking for something quirky, fun, and only about an hour long? Well, then stop reading this (Editor’s Note: Don’t do this.) and go play the recently released game … Read more