IN BRIEF: East Imperial shares jump on news of US bottling deal

East Imperial PLC – a New Zealand-based producer of tonic waters and mixers – appoints The Lion Brewery, a Pennsylvania-based beverage producer, as its US bottling partner. Under the deal, the brewery will bottle the entire East Imperial range from early 2023. East Imperial says the deal will result in significant logistics savings, reducing the … Read more

The Queen Funeral: Security fear as man runs towards King’s car

A royal fan in Britain came dangerously close to either being run over or arrested when he sprinted out into the middle of the road to snap a picture of King Charles. It came on a busy day for the newly minted monarch with ceremonies both in London and Edinburgh. Charles began his day in … Read more

Traffic headaches anger many Paul McCartney fans

Traffic headaches created a lot of frustration for many attendees of the Paul McCartney concert Saturday in Winston-Salem.The original start time for the concert was 8 p.m. but was delayed, pushing the concert to start closer to 9 p.m.Several concert attendees contacted WXII 12 News after experiencing frustration with the traffic problem prior to the … Read more