Hawaii volcano: State activates National Guard as lava from Mauna Loa slowly inches closer to critical highway

CNN — Officials in Hawaii have activated the state National Guard to help respond to the eruption of Mauna Loa, whose lava has been oozing steadily toward a critical highway for days. The lava fountains that erupted from the volcano over the past week pose no threat to communities or property, officials said. Still, the … Read more

Athena Strand: Texas school districts encourage students to wear pink in honor of 7-year-old after a FedEx driver was charged in her kidnapping and killing

CNN — Several school districts in Texas are encouraging students to wear pink Monday in honor of Athena Strand, the 7-year-old girl who was allegedly kidnapped outside her home and killed last week. More than 20 school districts, including the Paradise Independent School District in the county where Strand disappeared, are taking part in the … Read more

US Navy sends a message to adversaries with a rare submarine port visit in Indian Ocean

CNN — The US military wants its adversaries, as well as its allies, to know that, for the first time, a US Navy nuclear ballistic missile submarine has docked on the remote island of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean as part of a month long deployment. This week, the Navy revealed the USS West … Read more

Biden ‘confident’ rail strike will be avoided though congressional hurdles loom

CNN — President Joe Biden said on Tuesday he was ‘confident’ a railroad strike will be averted when meeting with the four top congressional leaders, although any senator could slow down the approval process of legislation that would prevent such a strike – and at least one said he was considering doing so. “I’ve asked … Read more

Rail unions decry, businesses praise Biden’s call for Congress to block strike

New York CNN Business — President Joe Biden was in the Tuesday’s unusual stance of being hailed by business interests and attacked by normal allies in the labor movement after calling on Congress to act immediately to block a strike by more than 100,000 union members at the country’s freight railroads scheduled for the end … Read more

Hawaii volcano: Mauna Loa’s eruption creates rare dual-eruption event with nearby volcano that’s been erupting since 2021

CNN — As the sun rose over Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on Monday, the sky was ablaze with the glow of two erupting volcanoes. The world’s largest active volcano, Mauna Loa, erupted for the first time in nearly 40 years on Sunday evening, joining its neighboring volcano, Kilauea, which has been erupting for more than … Read more

A pilot and passenger have been rescued after a small plane crashed into power lines in Maryland

CNN — [Breaking news update, published at 12:59 a.m. ET] The pilot and passenger who were trapped in a plane for hours after it crashed into power lines in Montgomery County, Maryland on Sunday have been rescued, the fire department chief said and Montgomery County lifesaver Scott Goldstein early Monday morning. Both were taken to … Read more

More than1,000 US flights delayed Sunday as major airports urge passengers to arrive early for travel

New York CNN — A severe weather system in several parts of the United States has prompted the three major airports serving New York to urge passengers to arrive early for flights on what is expected to be one of the busiest travel days of the year. As of Sunday morning, 1,056 flights to, from … Read more

More than 100 migrants rescued from overloaded vessel before it hit sand bar in Florida Keys

CNN — More than 100 people were rescued from an overloaded boat early Monday before it hit a sandbar in the Florida Keys, according to the US Coast Guard and US Border Patrol. Another 18 Haitian migrants “who became trapped in dangerous ocean currents as they attempted to swim to shore” were also rescued by … Read more

Largest railroad union rejects labor deal, raising risk of a crippling strike

New York CNN Business — America faces a growing risk of a crippling nationwide freight rail strike in two weeks after rank and file members of the nation’s largest railroad union, which represents drivers in the industry, rejected a provisional labor agreement with the freight railways, the union announced on Monday. The country’s second-largest railway … Read more