Attacks on US power grid have been subject of extremist chatter for years. DHS bulletin warns of target attacks on critical infrastructure amid other targets

CNN — Attacks on the US power grid have been the subject of extremist discussion for some time, including 2020, the same year, a 14-page how-to guide to low-tech attacks, including grid assault electricity with firearms, circulated among the extremists. communication channels. A Department of Homeland Security bulletin reported by CNN days before a weekend … Read more

Moore County: FBI joins investigation into North Carolina power outage caused by ‘intentional’ attacks on substations as officials work to determine a motive and suspect

CNN — With no suspects or announced motives, the FBI joins the investigation into power outages in a North Carolina county that were allegedly caused by “intentional” and “targeted” attacks on substations that left about 40 000 customers in the dark on Saturday evening, causing a curfew and declaration of emergency. The massive outage in … Read more

A power outage in North Carolina is being investigated as a ‘criminal occurrence,’ authorities say

CNN — A major power outage affecting approximately 40,000 customers in North Carolina’s Moore County is being investigated as a “criminal occurrence” after crews found signs of potential vandalism at multiple locations, authorities announced. Several communities across the county began experiencing power outages just after 7 p.m. Saturday, the Moore County Sheriff’s Office said in … Read more

Houston closes schools Monday as city is under boil water notice

CNN — All public schools in Houston will be closed Monday after the city issued a boil water advisory Sunday night due to a loss of water pressure at a sewage treatment plant, officials said. The Houston Independent School District said the Twitter he is monitoring the situation and will provide further updates on Monday. … Read more

A pilot and passenger have been rescued after a small plane crashed into power lines in Maryland

CNN — [Breaking news update, published at 12:59 a.m. ET] The pilot and passenger who were trapped in a plane for hours after it crashed into power lines in Montgomery County, Maryland on Sunday have been rescued, the fire department chief said and Montgomery County lifesaver Scott Goldstein early Monday morning. Both were taken to … Read more

Hurricane Nicole: At least 2 dead during the damage as storm weakens after striking Florida

Editor’s note: Affected by the storm? Use CNN’s lite site for low bandwidth. CNN — At least two people died in the damage caused by Nicole’s overnight landing along Florida’s east coast on Thursday, which knocked out power to thousands, pushed buildings close to collapse and flooded the coast as the first hurricane to hit … Read more

Another supply chain crisis: Barge traffic halted on Mississippi River by lowest water levels in a decade

New York CNN Business — The Mississippi River’s lowest water levels in a decade, caused by a severe drought in the Midwest, closed the vital channel to barge traffic at a crucial time of year for transporting crops from the heartland. . The Army Corps of Engineers has been dredging portions of the river over … Read more

The US says it’s helping Iranians navigate a massive internet blackout. Activists say it’s too little, too late.

CNN — As protesters took to the streets of Iran following the death in custody of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old woman apprehended for not wearing her hijab properly, videos of the uprising began flooding the internet. Clips of students ripping photos of the Ayatollah in northern Iran. Photos of women removing their hijab in the … Read more

US Rep. Ro Khanna slams Saudi Arabia as ‘third-rate power’ as OPEC considers slashing oil output

CNN Business — US Representative Ro Khanna is calling on the White House to retaliate against Saudi Arabia if OPEC and its allies cut oil production in a bid to drive up prices. “It’s beyond pale,” the California Democrat told CNN in a phone interview Monday. “They are actively defrauding the American people and destabilizing … Read more

Hurricane Ian: Death toll rises to 66 in Florida after the storm rendered some communities ‘unrecognizable,’ officials say

CNN — Days after Hurricane Ian hit Florida, reeling residents are still assessing the damage caused by record storm surge, devastating winds and catastrophic flooding that made parts of the Sunshine State unrecognizable. At least 66 people have been killed by Ian in Florida as it swallows homes in its turbulent waters, clears roads and … Read more