Purrfection: How video game ‘Stray’ transfixed cats

“My cat, Hobbes, was taken by ‘Stray’ the minute I loaded it onto the screen. He watches the cat’s every move,” Yaksic said. Cat lover Enzo Yaksic was immediately fascinated by the recently released video game “Stray”, which allowed him to explore a luminous and kaleidoscopic underworld of puzzles as a feline avatar. He was … Read more

Stray Player Discovers a Great Hidden Detail About the Robots

Wander is one of the biggest releases of this year. The new cat game from BlueTwelve Studio and Annapurna Interactive had considerable anticipation ahead of its release, but no one expected it to do as well as it does. A week after its release, it’s still the top seller on Steam. Beyond the cat protagonist, … Read more

New Steam Game Is Already the Best-Reviewed of 2022

A new Steam game that was only released just a few days ago is already the highest-rated title of 2022 on Valve’s vast PC platform. For the most part, 2022 has been a pretty average year when it comes to major video game releases. While some titles like Ring of Elden have resonated with audiences … Read more

Stray Mod Allows Players To Replace Cat With a Dog

There are cats and there are dogs, and that led to the big erasure of the cat from Wander. BlueTwelve’s new game is making the rounds after years of anticipation because you can play as a cat. For many people, that’s all you need to know, because who doesn’t want to play tag? On top … Read more

Steam’s New #1 Game Sets Impressive Record

Steam has a new #1 game and it has set an impressive record. Most weeks this year, the Steam Deck is the top seller on Steam. This pattern has only been disrupted a few times this year when people like God of the war came to PC, Ring of Elden finally released, and V rising … Read more

Steam’s Most-Anticipated Game Gets Steam Deck Verified

For those who already have a Steam Deck and are considering picking it up Wander when it releases later this month, the game’s publisher confirmed some welcome news this week. Wander is now officially Steam Deck Verified, meaning it will work on the portable device for those who want to play on the go or … Read more

Steam Gains New Most Wishlisted Game After Controversy

Steam’s list of most wanted games in development has a new champion sitting atop the Steam charts, and this game is Wander. The game where you play as a cat and roam a city while defending against threats and exploring has dethroned The day before, a game that held the top spot for some time. … Read more