House Democratic whip’s daughter arrested at protest and charged with assaulting police officer

CNN — House Democratic Whip daughter Katherine Clark was arrested at a protest in Boston and arraigned on charges of assaulting a police officer. Riley Dowell, 23, was found by police labeling Parkman’s bandstand monument “NO COP CITY” and “ACAB,” according to a Boston Police Department press release. “ACAB” is commonly known as the acronym … Read more

Ruben Gallego announces Senate bid in challenge to Kyrsten Sinema in Arizona

CNN — Democratic Rep. Ruben Gallego of Arizona announced his campaign for the U.S. Senate on Monday, setting up a potential 2024 showdown with Senator Kyrsten Sinema, who recently changed his party affiliation from Democratic to Independent. Gallego, a Phoenix-area congressman and retired Marine who served in Iraq, posted a video of himself telling a … Read more

Aid to Ukraine: Michael McCaul says some members don’t understand what’s at stake in Ukraine

Washington CNN — The Republican chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee on Sunday sought to quell speculation that the new GOP majority would be less likely to fund aid to Ukraine in its war against Russia, despite having suggested that some members of his party might need to be convinced of the need to … Read more

Joe Manchin says it’s a ‘mistake’ for White House to want Democrats to address debt ceiling without GOP

Washington CNN — Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia said Sunday it was a “mistake” for the White House to want Democrats to deal with the debt ceiling without negotiating with congressional Republicans. “I think it’s a mistake because we have to negotiate. It is a democracy that we have. We have a two-party … Read more

Roe v. Wade anniversary highlights Republican split over abortion rights

A version of this story appeared in CNN’s What Matters newsletter. To receive it in your inbox, subscribe for free here. CNN — Sunday Marks exactly 50 years from the United States The Supreme Court has granted American women the right to abortion with the decision Roe v. Wade – and comes about seven months … Read more

George Santos denies claims he performed as a drag queen

CNN — Embattled Republican Rep. George Santos strongly denies claims he ever performed as a drag queen. “The most recent media obsession claiming that I am a drag queen or have ‘performed’ as a drag queen is categorically untrue,” the New York congressman said. tweeted Thursday after a Brazilian drag performer posted a photo of … Read more

US hits debt ceiling, prompting Treasury to take extraordinary measures

CNN — The United States reached the debt ceiling set by Congress on Thursday, forcing the Treasury Department to begin taking extraordinary measures to prevent the government from paying its bills and increasing pressure on Capitol Hill to avoid a catastrophic default. The battle lines for high stakes combat have already been set. Hardline Republicans, … Read more

Debt ceiling: We’ve seen this drama before. Here’s how it ends

A version of this story appears in CNN’s What Matters newsletter. To receive it in your inbox, subscribe for free here. CNN — United States got into debt and argues about it for its entire existence. The only two years in the history of the United States where there was no the debt came as … Read more

Analysis: Every American could feel the pain of Washington’s debt ceiling showdown

CNN — Every American could be hurt if the dangerous game of roulette by the hardline new Republican House with a still-vulnerable economy backfires. The nation reaches a critical first threshold Thursday in the brewing showdown in Washington over the national debt that could define the term of the new GOP majority and the final … Read more

Santos named to two House committees even as he faces growing calls to resign

CNN — Embattled freshman Rep. George Santos won seats on two low-level committees after House Republicans debated where to place the New York congressman, who is facing mounting legal troubles and to growing calls for resignation for lying about his resume. Multiple GOP sources told CNN that the House Republican Steering Committee, controlled by Chairman … Read more