China blasts US report, reiterates ‘no 1st use’ nuke policy

BEIJING — China strictly adheres to its policy of no first use of nuclear weapons “at all times and under no circumstances”, its Defense Ministry said on Tuesday in a scathing response to a US report alleging a major increase in nuclear capabilities by Beijing. The Pentagon released an annual China security report last week … Read more

US Navy sends a message to adversaries with a rare submarine port visit in Indian Ocean

CNN — The US military wants its adversaries, as well as its allies, to know that, for the first time, a US Navy nuclear ballistic missile submarine has docked on the remote island of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean as part of a month long deployment. This week, the Navy revealed the USS West … Read more

Kamala Harris dives into Asian diplomacy amid questions back home about her political future

Palawan, Philippines CNN — Vice President Kamala Harris sticks to her script as she responds to what Democrats hope will once again be their biggest campaigner: Donald Trump and his third run for the White House. “The president said he intends to run and if he does, I will run with him,” she told CNN … Read more

US Iran envoy highlights CNN’s report on rapes of activists in detention

CNN — The top US diplomat for Iran pointed to CNN’s sexual violence investigation which uncovered sexual assaults on male and female activists, calling the reports “unspeakable”. Robert Malley, the US special envoy for Iran, said the regime would not succeed in its efforts to crush protests that have spread across the country over the … Read more

US and Russia to meet in Egypt to discuss key nuclear arms control agreement later this month

CNN — US and Russian officials will meet in Egypt from November 29 to December 6 to discuss a key nuclear arms control agreement. The meetings on the New START treaty – the only remaining agreement to regulate the world’s two largest nuclear arsenals – come in the wake of Moscow’s nuclear saber swipes at … Read more

North Korea warns US of ‘fiercer’ military action, tests short-range missile

Seoul, South Korea CNN — North Korea tested a ballistic missile on Thursday as it warned the United States of a ‘fierce military response’ to Washington’s tightened defense ties with South Korea and Japan amid rising regional tensions . In a statement published by the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), North Korean Foreign Minister Choe … Read more

U.S., Japan, South Korea vow unified response to North Korea threat

Phnom Penh, Cambodia – President Biden and the leaders of Japan and South Korea on Sunday promised a unified and coordinated response to North Korea’s Threatening Nuclear and Ballistic Missile ProgramsMr Biden saying the three-way partnership is “even more important than it has ever been” as North Korea steps up its provocations. Mr Biden met … Read more

Biden lands in Cambodia to meet Asian allies ahead of Xi meeting

Phnom Penh, Cambodia CNN — President Joe Biden arrived in Phnom Penh, Cambodia on Saturday morning local time for a series of summits and meetings between the American president and the leaders of the countries of Southeast Asia. The weekend of meetings in Cambodia comes ahead of next week’s highly anticipated Group of 20 summit … Read more

US observed Russian navy preparing for possible test of nuclear-powered torpedo

CNN — The United States has observed Russian Navy ships preparing for a possible test of a new nuclear-powered torpedo in recent weeks, a senior US official with direct knowledge told CNN. Among the ships that took part in the preparations was the Belgorod, a cruise missile submarine modified for special operations and capable of … Read more

North Korea makes no mention of ICBM in report on more than 80 missile tests

Seoul CNN — North Korean state media released footage purporting to show last week’s missile launches with a warning that so-called “reckless military hysteria” by the United States and its allies is pushing the Korean peninsula toward a ” unstable confrontation”. But he made no mention of the alleged failed launch of an intercontinental ballistic … Read more