Four SteamWorld Games Are In Development, Including One For 2023

Subscribe to Pure Xbox at Youtube Today’s “SteamWorld Telegraph” event confirmed that Thunderful Publishing currently has four SteamWorld games in development, and one of them will be coming to PC and consoles in 2023. This game is Building SteamWorld, which was the focus of today’s show. This will let you “build your own unique SteamWorld … Read more

Microsoft Asks To Pause Gamers’ Lawsuit Over ActiBlizz Acquisition, Judge Says ‘No’

Last December, it was revealed that a group of 10 “gamers” were filing a private antitrust complaint against Microsoft’s bid to acquire Activision Blizzard, and Microsoft recently tried to put that lawsuit on hold. The reason? Microsoft attorneys have suggested that the company’s (and Activision Blizzard’s) ongoing issues with the FTC could lead to “unnecessary … Read more

Microsoft Laying Off 10K People ‘Hurts’

Photo: Patrick T. Fallon (Getty Images) A few hours earlier, Xbox CEO Phil Spencer sent a company-wide email to all full-time employees of Microsoft’s gaming divisions. A copy of the email was shared with my city by a current Xbox employee, we have confirmed its authenticity, and the full text has been transcribed below: It’s … Read more

Xbox Exec Says Devs Are Brave During Culture of ‘Cancellation’

Photo: Christian Peterson (Getty Images) Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer juxtaposed the joys of gaming with the mainstream feeling of despair in the world after accepting the Andrew Yoon Legend Award at the 12th Annual New York Game Awards Tuesday night. He also applauded creators who are still broadcasting “their visions” to the world in … Read more

Another Four Games Will Leave Xbox Game Pass Soon (January 31)

Image: Telling lies The Xbox app revealed today that four games are set to drop from Xbox Game Pass at the end of January 2023. Luckily, there are no AAA titles in the bunch, although some fan-favorite indie games like that To ADM and donut county are on the block. It hasn’t been confirmed yet, … Read more

Best Video Games of All Time – Best Video Games to Play When Bored

Premiering Sunday night on HBO, hotly anticipated The Last of Us stars Pedro Pascal and Game of Thrones alum Bella Ramsey as survivors trekking across the U.S. after a species of fungus has crumbled modern civilization. The Last of Us is based on Naughty Dog’s 2013 PlayStation game, and early reviews have unanimously declared the series to … Read more

Xbox lists its picks for pre-built gaming PCs and laptops for 2023

With Windows 11 being the OS of choice for new pre-built gaming desktops and laptops coming in 2023, Xbox has compiled a list of PCs and laptops to watch. 3 CyberPower’s new 360V prism SEE THE GALLERY – 3 IMAGES On the desktop, Xbox highlighted the CyberPower Prism 360V, pictured above, with its large, cool … Read more

Digital Games Are Dominating In The UK At Almost 90% Of Overall Sales

We’ve known for a long time that digital games are growing in popularity, especially as we enter an era where multiple console manufacturers are launching digital-only systems like the Xbox Series S. In the UK, the overall percentage of game sales now stands at 89.5% according to new figures from the Entertainment and Retail Association. … Read more

These Three Games Are Coming To Xbox Game Pass (January 19-20)

Microsoft finally gave us an official announcement for Xbox Game Pass in January 2023, though the only three games announced for mid-month so far are Persona 3, Persona 4, and Monster Hunter Rise. We were already aware of all of this, so we don’t have any surprises here, but the company teased that “we’re just … Read more

Sony INZONE M3 Gaming Monitor with 27-inch display, up to 240Hz refresh rate launched

Sony INZONE M3 Gaming Monitor Sony has unveiled a new gaming monitor under its INZONE brand – the INZONE M3. The monitor is a more affordable variant of the INZONE M9 which was introduced a few months ago. The new Sony INZONE M3 gaming monitor costs $529.99 (or Rs 43,600), while the INZONE M9 was … Read more