Four SteamWorld Games Are In Development, Including One For 2023

Subscribe to Pure Xbox at Youtube Today’s “SteamWorld Telegraph” event confirmed that Thunderful Publishing currently has four SteamWorld games in development, and one of them will be coming to PC and consoles in 2023. This game is Building SteamWorld, which was the focus of today’s show. This will let you “build your own unique SteamWorld … Read more

Microsoft Laying Off 10K People ‘Hurts’

Photo: Patrick T. Fallon (Getty Images) A few hours earlier, Xbox CEO Phil Spencer sent a company-wide email to all full-time employees of Microsoft’s gaming divisions. A copy of the email was shared with my city by a current Xbox employee, we have confirmed its authenticity, and the full text has been transcribed below: It’s … Read more

Xbox Gaming Employees Reportedly Impacted by Layoffs at Microsoft

Today, Microsoft announced a series of massive layoffs across its business via a communication shared by CEO Satya Nadella himself. Nadella mentioned that the company’s overall headcount will be reduced by 10,000 jobs through the end of the third quarter of fiscal year 2023. It should be mentioned that Microsoft is not following the usual … Read more

Another Four Games Will Leave Xbox Game Pass Soon (January 31)

Image: Telling lies The Xbox app revealed today that four games are set to drop from Xbox Game Pass at the end of January 2023. Luckily, there are no AAA titles in the bunch, although some fan-favorite indie games like that To ADM and donut county are on the block. It hasn’t been confirmed yet, … Read more

Sony Might Finally Be Ready To Focus On PS5 Games And Ditch PS4

Picture: sony The ten year old PlayStation 4, released in 2013, has continued to receive big and new exclusives from Sony, even if those older-gen ports feel outdated or inferior. But now it finally looks like Sony is ready to move on and leave the aging PS4 behind. Well, almost ready… It’s a little hard … Read more

Digital Games Are Dominating In The UK At Almost 90% Of Overall Sales

We’ve known for a long time that digital games are growing in popularity, especially as we enter an era where multiple console manufacturers are launching digital-only systems like the Xbox Series S. In the UK, the overall percentage of game sales now stands at 89.5% according to new figures from the Entertainment and Retail Association. … Read more

These Are The Top-Selling Games In The Xbox Countdown Sale 2022

Image: Rust Console Edition The Xbox 2022 Countdown sale has now been live for just over a week on the Xbox Store, and so the “Top Paid” charts are starting to show us what people have bought, allowing us to determine some of the hottest deals so far. As we recently did with the Black … Read more

Xbox Confirms Exclusivity Plans For Three Upcoming Bethesda Games

Microsoft and Activision Blizzard’s initial responses to the FTC lawsuit were released today (as we’ve highlighted elsewhere on Pure Xbox) and as part of that, Microsoft mentions that three upcoming ZeniMax (Bethesda) games are expected to become Xbox and PC exclusives at launch. The company mentions it when explaining why Call of Duty won’t become … Read more

One Of The Best Game Pass Games Is Leaving Later This Month

Screenshot: Mobius Digital / Interactive Annapurna It seems over half a dozen Xbox games, including the beloved open-world mystery game Outer Wildlands, will leave Game Pass later this month. So if you’re a Game Pass subscriber and haven’t played Outer Wilds, Iron Harvest, or secret neighbor yet, well, you don’t have much time to do … Read more

Here Are The Top 10 Xbox Games Of 2022 According To Metacritic

We’ll be posting our official Pure Xbox Game of the Year 2022 roundup here later this week, but before that we thought we’d take a look at the top-rated Xbox games of the year according to Metacritic. It won’t be a surprise to hear that elderberry ring takes the top spot, but there are a … Read more