Team USA Volleyball Player Jordyn Poulter’s Gold Medal Stolen – NBC Los Angeles

The Anaheim Police Department received a rather startling call on May 25 when an Olympian reported a car break-in and revealed the prized possession that was stolen was a gold medal.

Jordyn Poulter, an American volleyball player who competed in the Tokyo Summer Olympics and won, called Anaheim police to report her AC had been broken into.

“I realized my center console was open and my bag was missing,” Poulter said.

Poulter was the starting setter for the 2020 United States Women’s Olympic volleyball team. She said whoever broke into her car got away with not only her passport, but also her most prized possession.

“Last summer in Tokyo, we finally did it. We finally got the gold,” she said.

She said she carries the medal with her because people like to see it.

Unfortunately, it was in his car, which was unlocked, and his garage on East Lincoln Avenue was open.

“It’s one thing to lose a passport or a phone or whatever, but a gold medal is tough,” she said.

She is sensitive to the fact that this is nothing compared to all the bad news in the world.

“With all the shootings and the kids, something like that seems so insignificant,” she said.

However, her coach would like her to recover this medal.

“You’ve got an athlete and all the hard work he’s put in for four years…and a lifetime,” said USA women’s volleyball head coach Karch Kiraly.

Anaheim police say it’s such a unique item it would be hard to sell.

“We’re hoping that if anyone tries to do something like this, a local pawn shop or it shows up on eBay, they’ll contact us immediately,” the Anaheim sergeant said. said Jacob Gallacher.

After all, it’s not pure gold.

“If you try to melt it, it won’t get you very far,” Poulter said. “The interior is made of recycled computer parts.”

“I believe they will do the right thing.”

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