The best Christmas gifts for Nintendo lovers

Nintendo has had a stellar year in 2022, with a range of excellent games launching in recent months – from Bayonet 3 at pokemon scarlet and Purpleand even older hits like Kirby and the Forgotten Land, Pokemon Legends: Arceus, Splatoon 3, Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope, Nintendo Switch Sports, and a bunch more. In a stellar year, it’s gained a slew of new fans – and those newbies might have their eye out for Nintendo-themed Christmas gifts and treats in December.

Whether you’re looking for a new fan or someone who’s always loved Nintendo, the good news is that a successful year means there’s plenty of goods to discover. From books to plush toys to gaming accessories and more, Nintendo has a range of great Christmas gifts, each of which is the perfect gift for your loved ones.

If you’re looking to get started shopping, here are some suggestions to get the ball rolling.

Note: If Nintendo isn’t the flavor of your Christmas gift receiver, you can also check out our guide to the best PlayStation gifts here.

book of zelda

Gamers love it to know things. Whether it’s overcoming the final dungeon of The Legend of Zeldahow to catch all the butterflies in Animal Crossing: New Horizonsor just what exactly is the timeline of the Zelda series really is. The good news is that you can help teach them exactly what they need to know, with a variety of books published by Nintendo and third parties. There are plenty around, including how-to encyclopedias, art books, bios, and strategy guides. If you know the Nintendo fan in your life loves a particular franchise, check out the books on offer. They could make delicious Christmas gifts.

Here are some options to browse:

Nintendo Joy-Cons are a great Christmas gift, for several reasons. They ensure that everyone in your family or group of friends can play games together, they can brighten up consoles with fresh new colors, and they will have to be replaced In any event at some point – so might as well shell out for Christmas. Joy-Cons are still prone to annoying drift as they age, which makes some games frustrating to play. With a new set of Joy-Cons, drift can be avoided for a few more years, while making a console brighter and more fun. It’s a win-win.

Here are some color options:

If you want a more affordable gaming accessory gift, you can also buy something simpler, like a charging base for Joy-Cons (AU$17.99) or a pleasure Zelda– themed game cartridge holder (AU$13.19).

If you are shopping for a family member or someone you really appreciate, you might want to consider a huge Christmas gift, in the form of a Nintendo Switch OLED Model. These consoles are miles above the base Nintendo Switch and make games appear in handheld mode with a more vibrant and larger screen. As of this writing, the Nintendo Switch OLED is at its lowest price yet – it lasts around AU$478 – make one somewhat affordable Christmas gift.

Although you have to shell out if you want to gift a brand new console to the Nintendo lover in your life, it may be worth it for the warm, fuzzy feeling of making someone’s life brighter.

It’s not Christmas without some festive decorations – and the good news is that these can be gamified. In recent years, Hallmark has opened its hallowed doors to more “nerdy” pop culture figures, with a range of games like Super Mario, Animal Crossing and Pokemon get official Hallmark ornaments to hang on trees and around the house. They make delicious little gifts and should brighten up any room.

Here are some of the best Hallmark Nintendo ornaments:

You’re never too old for a plush toy – and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Nintendo is well known for owning delicious plushies, with each of its major franchises offering toys for kids and adults of all ages. You can buy a Mario plush with a cute Bob-omb companion, or a range of Yoshis, or even a cute plush animal crossing people. They make sweet and adorable gifts and look great on beds, sofas or mantelpieces.

Here are some of our favorite Nintendo plushies:

Pokemon plush toys are also very popular – which is why they get their own entry. After years of new releases and countless new Pokémon – almost everyone with their own stuffed animal – there is simply far too many of these cute toys to collect. That said, if you know your Nintendo-loving buddy loves a particular Pokemon, there’s sure to be a plush with their name on it. Do some sneaky recon or make an educated guess, and any of these Pokemon toys would be welcomed for Christmas:

Nintendo has a long history with board games – and the sheer variety of licensed titles is impressive. We have tried and tested Monopoly: Animal Crossing (AU$43.98) and loved it, but there’s also a range of other thrilling and frantic Nintendo board games, including:

If you are looking to get really niche with your Nintendo Christmas gift, you can also opt for something a little more fun: novelty lamps. The Super Mario The franchise offers a phenomenal range of novelty lamps, each more hilarious than the next. You can buy a glowing Yoshi egg or even a gaping Piranha plant. There are mushroom-shaped power-up lights, level lights, and even lighted question blocks. They would do anything to get decorations from any Nintendo lover’s house.

Here are some of our favorites:

If you look outside the Super Mario series, you can also catch a Zelda Triforce Lamp (AU$49.99), one Heart Container Lamp (AU$24.99), or lighting animal crossing logo (AU$39.94).

As we all know, Nintendo has had an amazing year, launching a range of stellar video game adventures – including several Pokemon securities. Chances are your Nintendo-loving friend hasn’t played at all Nintendo releasing this year – but they really are everything worthy of interest. Find out what your friend already has and consider gifting them any recent releases to expand their collection.

Here are some of our favorite Nintendo games of the year:

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