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Carl Degiorgio, COO at PressEnter Group, says customer service is a powerful differentiator that most operators are currently not taking advantage of

Online casino operators such as PressEnter Group go to great lengths to ensure that their brand offers more value than those of their rivals. To do this, many focus on areas such as marketing, bonuses and stored slots and games in their lobbies.

But one of the most powerful ways to differentiate yourself is also one of the most underrated, and that’s customer support.

Customer support is one of the most vital departments when it comes to the success of any business, but especially an online casino. In an industry where it is difficult to create a unique but lasting competitive advantage, this can be a key differentiator.

Customer service is so important because it is often the first point of contact for customers. It’s where they go when they’re thinking of signing up for the first time but have a question, need help while at the casino, or if they’ve had a bad experience and want to. they will close their account.

This makes it a fundamental part of the overall player experience, and if executed correctly, it can be used to convert more players, increase retention, and generate cross-sells.

A model for high-level customer support:

At PressEnter Group, we believe good customer support is all about providing the right information at the right time, but benchmark customer support requires more than that.

At a minimum, players expect to be able to speak with agents at any time, which means offering 24/7 customer support across all channels – live chat, email, phone, etc. Agents must be highly skilled, and not only meet but always exceed customer expectations.

The philosophy of doing whatever it takes to make sure the player is happy and to feel valued needs to be ingrained in the company culture and applied to all departments not just customer support .

Providing the highest level of customer support is not without its challenges:

Like any department within an online casino operator, customer support has many challenges to face and overcome. The main hurdle is hiring the right people for the job – customer service can be taxing at times and being a good agent takes talent and training.

For global operators, it is important to hire agents who speak different languages ​​- as we all know, localization is key to the success of an online casino. But equally important is training agents and continuing to help them develop and grow.

The only way to ensure that agents meet the standards set by the company is to employ the best talent in the industry, and again, this can be easier said than done. But by providing the right work environment, training and incentives, it can be done.

This is vital for traders active in multiple markets, as they have to deal with additional complexities. Chief among them is the need to hire talent who can speak the local language and ensure that agents are available at all times despite different time zones.

That’s why PressEnter Group has hired a Schedule Coordinator who is responsible for managing customer service agent rotations based on expected traffic at different times of the day, on different days and in each of the jurisdictions where we operate. we are active.

Benefiting from the latest technologies:

While a team of talented and trained agents is key to customer support, so is the technology used to deliver the service to players. In most cases operators will use a third party for this and in our experience it is essential to undertake due diligence before entering into a deal.

Operators should ensure that the partner they have chosen is robust and reliable and can scale in line with their own growth plans.

The latest technologies must be combined with consistent processes and training. Beyond covering the basics, training must be broad and granular in its execution if support agents are to achieve the highest possible service standards and reflect the brand image and core values.

Having the right processes in place ensures that there is organization within the department. This is especially important when scaling rapidly like PressEnter Group did – without clearly defined processes there is a risk of generating chaos which in turn will negatively impact customer support.

PressEnter Group places such importance on process, organization and training that we have a dedicated training coordinator as well as a QA specialist.

Customer service and responsible gambling:

Customer support is not only vital for acquiring, retaining and delivering a superior player experience, it is also a powerful responsible gaming tool.

While licensed operators such as PressEnter Group offer the tools and information gamers need to stay in control of their game, nothing beats the direct line of communication that customer support agents have with our customers.

They are able to observe gambling patterns, monitor communications and intervene when necessary. And they can do it with a personal touch.

The basics of customer support are the same for all operators, so to use this aspect of the online casino to stand out, they have to dare to do things a little differently. You might not get it right the first time, but over time it will lead to exceptional customer service.

At PressEnter Group, we have learned to master the basics and now we bring our own unique twist to customer support. This sets us apart from our competitors and is reflected in our customer satisfaction scores, which are well above the industry average.

There is minimal differentiation in terms of games and payment methods offered by operators, but the customer service provided by staff members simply cannot be replicated by other brands and this needs to be capitalized on.

Those who do will not only improve the customer experience, but they will take player acquisition, retention and loyalty to the next level.

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