The Flash’s Ezra Miller Is Involved In Another Controversy, This Time Surrounding A Family In Their House

The Flash star Ezra Miller has been in the news a lot lately, but not for their outings as DC Comics’ Scarlet Speedster or other professional work. The actor has embroiled in controversy for months now, ranging from being arrested in Hawaii multiple times to having two protection orders being filed against them, although no one was able to find the actor to serve the papers. Well, we now reportedly know where Miller is, although it involves another controversy, this time involving a family living at Miller’s residence in Vermont.

According to Rolling Stone, Ezra Miller has been hosting a 25-year-old mother and her three children at the actor’s Vermont farm, a living arrangement that’s worrying the children’s father. According to sources who spoke with the publication, Miller’s 96-acre property has unattended guns lying all over the place, and one of the sources claims that one of the children, who is one year old, picked up a loose bullet and put it in their mouth.

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