The Master Chief Collection Adds Fall Guys Item

Halo: The Master Chief Collection gets a little fall guys swag, something that may surprise fans of the iconic sci-fi franchise a bit. Although the Halo series has a good sense of humor and can poke fun at itself, a fall guys crossover is definitely a unique angle. If anything, it would make more sense to put Halo gear in fall guysbut 343 Industries chose to bring the Beans into its world. fall guys first came to Xbox earlier this month when the game went free, giving Xbox users a chance to finally enjoy the game that took the world by storm in the summer of 2020.

To celebrate, 343 Industries has added a Fall Guys Halo 3 rear attachment in Halo: The Master Chief Collection. It gives players a chubby little spartan on their back, like a fall guys character. Players can get the back attachment at any time by simply logging in to The Master Chief Collection and find the new cosmetic item in their inventory. If you want to represent the Halo world in fall guysyou will also have the opportunity to do so soon. fall guys will have the ability to unlock Grunt, Arbiter, and Master Chief skins in-game from June 30 through July 4 by completing challenges in an event known as Spartan Showdown. It is also expected that players will also be able to purchase these skins when they periodically appear in the in-game store from time to time.

Even though fall guys is published by Epic Games, it’s fun to see this kind of crossover. It seems safe to say that Xbox is trying to promote the Battle Royale-esque title as much as possible now that it’s on its platform and doing a pretty good job. The launch of the free version of the game marks the beginning of a whole new era of fall guysbut it remains to be seen what exactly that future entails.

fall guys is now available on all major platforms. Let me know what you think of this crossover in the comments or contact me Twitter @Cade_Under.

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