The Weasley twins arrive in Australia ahead of free event with fans

In an exclusive interview with A Current Affair, James and Oliver Phelps have opened up about their love for Australia, their new TV series and their ordeal with a local events promoter who ripped off Harry Potter fans.

“We got in at like midnight last night, I don’t know what day we’re on now, is it Friday?” James joked.

Last year, hundreds of A Current Affair viewers from around the country contacted the show after they spent thousands of dollars to see James and Oliver Phelps in person during a national tour organised by Wowza Entertainment.

James and Oliver Phelps played the Weasley twins in the Harry Potter movies. (A Current Affair)

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The shows never happened and many people were never refunded.

“We were in the dark as much as the guys on the other end buying the tickets from the shows from Wowza,” Oliver said.

In a move that shocked the Weasley twins, the event organiser behind Wowza Entertainment tried to blame them, as the reason for the shows being cancelled.

James and Oliver Phelps spoke to A Current Affair reporter Sam Cucchiara. (A Current Affair)
Oliver Phelps. (A Current Affair)

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“If they were going to do that they could blame us for all the other tours they cancelled. There were a lot of other ones, not just the one we were supposed to be on and I think it was just a deflection tactic from what I could see,” Oliver said.

Both twins are booked to appear at Supanova in Sydney and Perth.

But in an act of kindness they had the idea to put on a free Q&A session with Harry Potter fans who weren’t able to get a refund from Wowza Entertainment for the cancelled shows.

Wowza Entertainment. (A Current Affair)
James Phelps. (A Current Affair)

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There will be a free Q&A session in Sydney tonight and in Perth next Friday night – June 24.

“I think the main focus for us is to treat people how you want to be treated,” Oliver said.

“It’s what we’ve always been taught growing up and what we still believe in fully.

“We were in the dark, as much as the guys on the other end buying the tickets from the shows from Wowza.”

James and Oliver Phelps. (A Current Affair)

The Harry Potter franchise finished up 20 years ago, but since then the Phelps twins have been busy filming other projects.

They’ve recently starred in the psychological thriller Last Night in Soho and finished travelling the world for their long awaited travel show Fantastic Friends, which is coming soon in Australia.

“We’ve been lucky enough to go on season one out to St Lucia, Dubia, Austria, Ireland, Poland, with a different guest in each place,” Oliver said.

You can catch James and Oliver Phelps at Supanova in Sydney from June 18, to June 19, and at Supanova in Perth from June 25, to June 26.

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