These Are The Cars And Trucks With The Highest And Lowest Depreciation In The USA

If you’re shopping in the United States for a new vehicle that will hold its value, buying a pickup truck might be the best option.

An analysis of Zutobi revealed that the three vehicles that hold their value best after three years are the Toyota Tacoma, the Ford F-Series and the Ford Ranger. The Tacoma leads the pack, experiencing an average depreciation rate of 21.93% over the first three years, which means the original list price of $28,545 turns into an average used price of $22,286. $.

The Ford F-Series and Ranger follow close behind, both registering a 24.48% drop in value after three years. The F-Series has an average list price of $39,395 and is valued at $29,753. The Ranger starts at $29,195 and the average value after three years is $22,049.

Other cars that perform well include Tesla Model 3 (24.79% depreciation), Nissan Frontier (25.15%), Chevrolet Colorado (25.49%), Toyota RAV4 (25.97% ), the Mazda3 (26.31%), the Toyota Tundra (26.87 percent), and surprisingly, the BMW X3 with an average depreciation rate of 27.02 percent.

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At the other end of the spectrum, some vehicles experience a massive drop in value. Indeed, the new car with the highest depreciation rate is the Kia Sorento, whose value has dropped by 55.16% after three years, going from a list price of $30,845 to an average of $13,831. . This tops the Chevrolet Trax’s 50.31% depreciation rate from $22,595 to $11,228, and the Mercedes-Benz GLE with a 48.85% decline from $56,750 to $29,029.

Many other new vehicles in the United States lose a lot of value after three years. These include the Buick Encore GX (47.71%), Chevrolet Express Van (45.80%), Chevrolet Equinox (44.91%), Lexus ES (44.21%), Nissan Sentra (43.61%), Buick Envision (43.53%). percent) and Nissan Altima at 43.21 percent.

To determine its depreciation rates, Zutobi used the list prices of the 100 best-selling cars in the United States. He then used a depreciation calculator to determine the estimated value after three years if a vehicle travels an average of 13,500 miles (~21,700 km) per year.

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