“Thrones” Author On Status Of Spin-Offs

Several Thrones Animated Projects Planned

Author George R.R. Martin has offered an update on the various “Game of Thrones” prequel series in the works at HBO via his official website.

He confirmed he’s developing live-action shows for HBO, and animated shows for HBO Max and hopes a number of these shows will get on the air. He’s especially thrilled these shows are quite different in tone and approach than ‘Thrones’. He says:

“Ten Thousand Ships” – The Nymeria set series is still in development with Amanda Segel (“Person of Interest”) as showrunner. A couple of drafts have been delivered.

“The Sea Snake” – The series about famed explorer and trader Corlys Velaryon, and has Bruno Heller (“Rome”) as showrunner.

“A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms” – Steve Conrad (“Patriot”) is showrunner on this Dunk and Egg series and is “determined to do a faithful adaptation of the stories, which is exactly what I want” says Martin. The first season is expected to be an adaptation of the first novella “The Hedge Knight”.

“The Golden Empire” – An animated series set in the China-inspired land of Yi Ti. A writer can’t be revealed as yet, and the title is merely a working one.

Then there’s the show that has already been in production, “House of the Dragon,” which deals with the story of the Targaryen civil war and is set three centuries prior to the events of ‘Thrones’:

“So far, I am very excited. HOUSE OF THE DRAGON has wrapped in London and is now in post-production. What I have seen, I have loved. I am eager to see more. I am excited about the other successor shows as well, however. I am dying to tell you all about them, but I am not supposed to, so…”

Finally, Martin also addressed the dragon in the room – namely he is STILL working on “The Winds of Winter” novel and so there’s no date for that as yet. He adds he made a lot of progress on it in 2020, less so last year.

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