Times Celebs Did Normal People Things In Public

Celebs, they’re just like us!

Celebrities radiate glamour. They wear extravagant gowns and attend exclusive events. We love them because they’re fancy. But, what about the celebs we’ve seen doing ordinary things? From grocery shopping to pumping gas, the following celebs show the world they’re really just like us!


Rihanna was recently seen shopping at Target, which is so normal it’s incredible.


Yes, the star is down to Earth, but couldn’t she also just decide to start a baby clothing line herself? 


Leonardo DiCaprio riding a Citi Bike as his main form of transportation.

Team Gt / GC Images / Getty Images


Kim Kardashian getting fries from Mcdonald’s…


…and studying for the bar exam (except she’s also in a bikini and not a library).


Bella Hadid going to the gas station (yet she somehow also turned a quick, everyday stop into a runway show).


Niall Horan taking a picture of a couple on vacation.

Gade / Backgrid

Who hasn’t been asked to snap a picture for a random person while on vacation? The kicker here is that Nial’s a world-famous celeb.

 Selena Gomez making random TikTok’s for the fun of it.


Camila Cabello going through airport security but with extra panache.


Ramona Singer mopping the floor (no idea why tho!)


Amanda Seyfried — seen grabbing her weekly groceries at various Whole Foods locations.


North West taking an art class (but also being an incredible student from the get-go).


Taylor Swift having an emotional moment on a park bench.

Curtis Means / Ace Pictures / Shutterstock

We’ve all been there TBH.


Shay Mitchell pumping gas but make it a glamor shoot.


Jay Z taking the subway to his own show at Madison Square Garden.

Twitter: @evanslaski

The lady sitting next to him had no idea who he was!


Gigi Hadid grabbing coffee with friends.

What’s your favorite celeb doing normal things example? LMK below.

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