Tom Brady jokes about the reaction to his latest comments about the future

NFC Divisional Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams v Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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Tom Brady possibly is messing with us.

Or maybe he can’t help himself. Regardless, Brady continues to throw jet fuel on the embers of his potential return to football in 2022, after he supposedly retired.

Most recently, he poked fun at the uproar sparked by Wednesday’s comments to Fred Couples. Posting on Twitter a partial transcript of his quote (with his remarks about sleeping in his boyhood bed highlighted) next to a photo of race-car bunk beds, Brady said, “Honestly thought this was gonna be the lead quote here. REM sleeps through the roof last night.”

Brady, asked a very simple question about the future by Couples, offered a response that did anything but shut the door on the possibility of playing again. Indeed, the actual words used by Couples make it clear that Couples was asking about whether Brady will be playing football this year for a team other than the team that currently holds his rights, the Buccaneers. (Check out the attached video; Couples ends the question with the words, “Is that legal?”)

Neither Brady nor anyone else can credibly complain about the media talking about the possibility of a Brady return. Brady himself reads the fuse. And he has done nothing to try to blow it out, as it inches toward the bomb.

My guess? He’s playing. And not for the Buccaneers. I still think he’s heading to the 49ers, the team for which he grew up rooting — and the team for which he wanted to play two years ago. It’s possibly no coincidence that he’s pointing so prominently to the fact that he recently slept in the bed in the house where he grew up, undoubtedly spending many a night falling asleep while thinking about whether his 49ers would win another Super Bowl.

The last one came when he was 16 years old, long before the world knew who Tom Brady was. He can now cap his legendary career by helping the 49ers win their sixth Lombardi Trophy, pulling San Francisco into a tie with the Patriots and Steelers and giving Brady his eighth Super Bowl win — with three different teams.

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