Top three Week 10 NFL games Falcons fans should care about

The Falcons have the weekend after playing Thursday night. That game didn’t go well, resulting in a 25-15 loss to the Carolina Panthers at Bank of America Stadium.

The Falcons now have two games under .500 and, depending on how the remaining Week 10 roster develops, they could move back into the divisional and conference peloton.

As we said on the Falcons Final Whistle podcast, fans should be focused on stacking up the leaderboard wins. There are seven games left this season, with plenty of opportunities to find themselves in a good position without having to look at the scoreboard. Not that much, anyway.

There are definitely some games that Falcons fans are interested in on Sunday. Here are the top three to watch out for, including the one you watch with your first cup of coffee:

Seattle vs. Tampa Bay in Munich

Where to watch: NFL Network

Why it matters: The Falcons are currently half a game off the pace in the NFC South. If Tampa Bay loses to the Seahawks, which is possible given Seattle’s quality of play these days, the division will revert to the Falcons. A negative result for Tampa Bay would put the Bucs and Falcons in a virtual tie at the top of the division, even a 4-6. The NFC South jokes would come back, but it would be worth a punch if the team isn’t so dependent on Tampa Bay failing in the future. The Bucs’ schedule isn’t too tough, and Seattle is certainly capable of taking this one.

New Orleans to Pittsburgh

Why it matters: It’s not hard for Falcons fans to root against the rival Saints. It comes naturally after all these years of fighting, and this one is important. A Saints win over an underdog Steelers side would push them to a 4-6 record to tie the Falcons. Atlanta would fall below New Orleans after losing to them in Week 1, though a tiebreaker with them would eventually be settled on the road. Pittsburgh appears to be picking up TJ Watt on Sunday, and he’s a one-man wrecker team that could make the Saints’ offense miserable. The New Orleans defense has struggled at times, and Falcons fans are hoping for another bad day at the office against the Steelers.

Chargers in San Francisco

Why it matters: It’s waaaaaaaaaay too early to look at wildcard rankings, but the 49ers are currently the No. 7 seed in the NFC, with the Falcons in ninth place. Washington is an eighth-place game, but the Falcons face them in two weeks and will have a chance to edge out the Commanders with a win against them. They’ve played the 49ers before and own a head-to-head tiebreaker against them, but the 4-4 49ers need to back off a bit for that to be relevant. While the Falcons just wanted to fight them in Week 9, they want the best for LA in Week 10 despite Keenan Allen and Mike Williams remaining out.

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