Trading Deshaun Watson will clear $24.2 million in cap space for Texans

Houston Texans v Chicago Bears

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Now that a grand jury has opted not to indict quarterback Deshaun Watson on any criminal charges, the Texans can much more easily trade him. When they do, they’ll realize a significant savings in cash and cap space.

Last year, the Texans paid Watson $10 million in salary to not play for the team. This year, he has a fully-guaranteed base salary of $35 million.

A trade eliminates the entirety of that cash obligation. It also clears $35 million in cap space. That becomes offset by a $10.8 million acceleration, however, reducing the net cap savings to $24.2 million.

The Texans currently have roughly $15 million in cap space. A Watson trade will push them close to $40 million in 2022 cap space.

It also will result in multiple assets (primarily draft picks) and the conclusion to a predicament that has latest for more than a year. Watson has wanted out for so long that Carson Wentz has been traded twice in the interim.

As soon as Wednesday, Watson officially will join a new team. Multiple franchises undoubtedly are exploring the possibility and preparing to make a move, because someone quite possibly will do so — perhaps before the weekend concludes.

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