Trump Group Pays for Jan. 6 Lawyers, Raising Concerns of Witness Pressure

According to financial information, in May alone, Mr. Trump’s “Save America” ​​political action committee paid out about $200,000 to law firms. That includes $75,000 to JPRowley Law, which is representing Cleta Mitchell, a pro-Trump attorney who filed suit to try to block the committee’s subpoena, and $50,000 to Silverman, Thompson, Slutkin & White, which represented Stephen K. Bannon, a close ally of the former president who refused to meet with the panel and was charged with criminal contempt.

It was not immediately clear whether those payments were intended to cover legal fees related to the Jan. 6 investigation, but people familiar with the matter said the PAC had paid for the representation of several former officials and aides in the investigation, including some high level. some like Stephen Miller, who served as senior adviser to Mr. Trump. The firm’s managing partner representing Mr. Bannon declined to comment.

A spokesperson for Mr. Trump also declined to comment.

More than a dozen witnesses before the Jan. 6 committee also received free legal advice and attorney fees from the American Conservative Union’s “First Amendment Fund,” which consults with the team. Mr. Trump to find out what fees to cover from his “seven-figure” finances, according to Matt Schlapp, president of the organization.

“We have pro bono lawyers who talk with the lawyers of people who want help,” Schlapp said in an interview Thursday. “Almost everyone has received a payment.”

He said Matt Whitaker, a former acting attorney general, worked with the group and “spent a lot of late nights advising the younger employees and giving us a lot of advice.”

Mr Trump has already come under scrutiny for appearing to meddle in investigations into his conduct. In 2017, a lawyer for Mr. Trump in the investigation into whether his campaign conspired with Russian officials during the 2016 presidential campaign dangled the prospect of pardons for two people under investigation, Michael T. Flynn and Paul Manafort.

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