Twilight’s Ashley Greene Reflects On ‘Drama’ From The Set

Every so often a young adult franchise will come to the public eye and instantly become a sensation. Twilight was certainly in that category, both the books and five-film movie franchise. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson became household names thanks to the movies, but the experience was no doubt a wild one for the full cast. That includes Alice actress Ashley Greene, who recently reflected on drama from the set.

Actress Ashley Greene played future-seer Alice in all five Twilight movies, becoming a fan favorite character in the process. While the Cullen actors formed a family on screen, that doesn’t mean that there weren’t clashes on the set over the years. Greene is starting her own podcast about her experience in that vampirical property, and recently spoke about the drama that inevitably occurred on the set. As she put it,

We did this for five years and there was a lot of ups and downs, and some drama, and we were like a family, but also in our 20s, and so there were kind of tiffs here and there. So I think, it’s one of those things where, for the most part, it was a good experience, but we were human beings, and we were in our 20s. So you can imagine who you were in your 20s versus who you are now.

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