U.S. Government explains error in Brittney Griner’s phone call with wife due to restrictions at Embassy in Moscow

After it was revealed last Monday that a logistical error had prevented WNBA Phoenix Mercury star basketball player Britney Griner of having a phone call on his fourth wedding anniversary with his wife Cherelle while she is in a jail in russiathe US State Department Tuesday accepted the error and said the call had been postponed.

WNBA’s Griner unable to speak to his wife from RussiaPA

New phone call in “a relatively short order”

Department spokesperson, net priceannounced the news and although he did not reveal the date when the first telephone communication between the couple will take place since Brittney Griner was detained at Moscow airport four months ago, he did indicate that it “will take place in a relatively short time”.

But more importantly, he said the United States Government was deeply sorry for what he described as a “logistical error”.

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This error meant that no one was present at the United States Embassy in Russia to answer the basketball player’s 11 attempted phone calls last Saturday as originally planned.

The rationale for the US Embassy’s “logistical error”

However, Price, while acknowledging the unacceptable mistake that infuriated Cherelle at her government, tried to explain part of why it happened.

“It was a logistical problem that was compounded in part by the fact that our embassy in Moscow is under significant personnel restrictions,” Price said. “And so when we have problems with the telephone system there, for example, the technicians are not located there. In fact, they are not even located in Russia. They must be located in a third country in because of onerous restrictions. Russian Federation has placed on our embassy and its operations.”

This incident has raised doubts about the real importance that the President’s government Joe Biden gave to the case, as Cherelle herself doubts what’s at stake, arguing that if they can’t even be there to provide a simple phone connection, negotiations for Brittney Griner’s release are likely to be relegated in the background.

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