U.S. Olympian offers reward for gold medal stolen in Anaheim

An Anaheim man has been arrested for allegedly stealing a US Olympian’s gold medal, and now the athlete is offering a reward for his return.

Anaheim police arrested Jordan Fernandez, 31, on suspicion of breaking into 2020 Olympic gold medalist Jordyn Poulter’s vehicle and stealing a number of personal items, including her gear Olympic.

Jordan Fernandez, 31, of Anaheim, was arrested on suspicion of stealing a gold medal from the Olympians on May 25, 2022 (Anaheim Police Department)

Poulter, a native of Aurora, Colorado, was a starting setter for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics women’s volleyball team that beat Brazil to win the country’s first gold medal in the sport in last August, as part of the delayed matches of 2020.

The theft occurred May 25 from a parking lot on the 1500 block of East Lincoln Avenue in Anaheim, according to the Anaheim Police Department.

Police began investigating and identified Fernandez as the suspect in the robbery. According to police, Fernandez has a long criminal history.

Fernandez was arrested and on Tuesday he appeared in court to face charges of first degree residential burglary, second degree vehicle burglary, criminal identity theft and criminal possession of narcotics.

Despite the arrest and subsequent charges, Poulter’s medal has yet to be found.

The 24-year-old Olympian is offering a $1,000 reward for the return of her Olympic gold, no questions asked.

Police are hoping someone will come forward and help the Olympian, who brought sporting glory to her country, to reclaim the medal that symbolizes the crowning achievement of her career and represents a lifetime of dedication.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Poulter’s 2020 Olympic gold medal is asked to contact the Anaheim Police Department at 714-765-1900 or Orange County Crime Stoppers at 855-847-6227.

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