Ulster GAA Football

The Ulster Senior Football Championship is widely regarded as the toughest provincial championship in Ireland. For most of the 20th century the winners of the Ulster Senior Football Championship were not able to claim the All-Ireland Senior Football Championship. But, starting in 1990 the winners of the Ulster Championship won four All-Ireland Senior Football Championships in a row solidifying their new dominance in Gaelic football. Since 1991 Ulster has won the most All-Ireland Senior Football Champions compared to any other province which is an incredible turnaround for the province.

The Ulster province also has Cavan county which is the winnest Gaelic football county with 37 Ulster Senior Football Championships to their name. Cavan sadly did not make it out of the preliminary round in 2018 and they have not won the championship in over a decade. Donegal won the championship in 2018 but they easily could lose in 2019 as this is the most competitive province in Ireland. The final is played at St Tiernach’s Park in Clones but from 2004-2006 the final was played at Croke Park in Dublin. Many of the team’s fans could not make the trip all the way to Ireland which is why they moved the final back to Clones.