US soccer coach Gregg Berhalter admits kicking future wife in 1991 as investigation started

US Soccer has launched an investigation after men’s national team boss Gregg Berhalter admitted he kicked his 25-year-old wife during a teenage argument.

The governing body launched the investigation after Berhalter, who took his team to the World Cup in Qatar, revealed he had received a threat to expose the incident involving his girlfriend Rosalind in 1991 during the tournament.

US Soccer has also expanded the investigation to look at “potential inappropriate behavior” towards staff outside the organization.

Berhalter, a freshman at the time, released a statement posted via an unverified Twitter account, later confirmed to the PA news agency as authentic by US Soccer and co-signed by his wife.

In it, he said: “One night while we were drinking at a local bar, Rosalind and I had a heated argument which continued outside. It got physical and I kicked him in the legs.

“There is no excuse for my actions that night; it was a shameful moment and one that I regret to this day. At that point, I immediately apologized to Rosalind, but understandably she wanted nothing to do with me.

The couple resolved their differences seven months later and recently celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary.

Berhalter, whose future as coach of the men’s team is currently being considered with his existing contract having expired, said: “I am sharing this story after 31 years because it is important to understand that it is an event that shaped me, but does not define me.

“It was a unique and isolated event over three decades ago and a terrible decision made at the wrong time by an 18-year-old.

“Rosalind and I have had an incredible journey together. We have raised four wonderful children, who are aware of what happened. We are very proud of our marriage, our relationship, the family we have built and the people we have become.

Commenting on the ongoing and expanded investigation, US Soccer said in a statement: “Through this process, US Soccer has learned of potential inappropriate behavior toward several of our staff by individuals outside of our organization.

“We take such behavior seriously and have expanded our investigation to include these allegations.

“We appreciate that Gregg and Rosalind have come forward to speak openly about this incident. In keeping with our commitment to transparency, we will publicly share the results of the investigation when it is complete.

“US Soccer condemns violence of any kind and takes these allegations very seriously.”

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