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The United States added 13 rigs week after week, according to Baker Hughes’ latest rotating rig count, released June 24.

The 13 weekly additions were land rigs, bringing the total number of US rigs to 753, comprising 734 land rigs, 16 offshore rigs and three river rigs, according to Baker Hughes’ latest count. Of the total US rigs of 753, 594 rigs are classified as oil rigs, 157 are classified as gas rigs, and two are classified as miscellaneous rigs.

Conversely, rig counts in Canada were shown to have fallen two weeks over a week. The total number of rigs in the country now stands at 154, comprising 104 oil rigs and 50 gas rigs, according to Baker Hughes. The total number of platforms in North America now stands at 907, up 11 weeks over a week, Baker Hughes pointed out. The company’s previous platform tally, released on June 17, revealed that North America added 22 platforms week over weekwhile the platform’s tally before that, released on June 10, showed that North America added 30 platforms week after week. The number of platforms before that, released on June 3, showed that the total The platform’s figure in North America had jumped 14 weeks a week.

Looking at last year’s numbers, the United States added 283 rigs – made up of 222 oil rigs, 59 gas rigs and two miscellaneous rigs – Baker Hughes pointed out. Canada is shown to have added 28 rigs, including 22 oil rigs and six gas rigs. The total number of rigs in North America increased by 311 rigs year-over-year, Baker Hughes revealed in its latest tally.

Baker Hughes, who has published rotary rig counts for the oil industry since 1944, describes the figures as an important business barometer for the drilling industry and its suppliers. The company obtains its work rig location information in part from Enverus, which produces daily rig counts using GPS tracking units.

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