USA and Spain Complete Semi-Final Line-Up at 2022 World Cup Of Pool – News

David Alcaide and Francisco Sanchez-Ruiz (Taka Wu/Matchroom Multi Sport)

USA and Spain knocked out Switzerland and Great Britain respectively to reach the 2022 Pool World Cup semi-finals at Brentwood Centre, Essex live on Sky Sports Arena in the UK, DAZN in the USA, Canada, Spain, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Viaplay in Scandinavia, the Baltics, the Netherlands and Poland. Matchroom.Living in territories without a broadcaster.

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USA won the backlog and Van Boening broke in the first only to find themselves without a shot on that one. The push-out was played before a brief security battle ensued as the United States gained the upper hand. Van Boening played the cue ball behind the five only for it to be pushed up the table and within striking distance for Regli who coolly dispatched it and the eventual nine to lead 1-0. A break and a run from the Swiss into the next rack put them two up.

Regli broke in the third but let Jungo recover to do the one. He shook the pocket and USA came to the table to get their first rack on the board. Van Boening and Woodward kept their opponents in the chair to level with a break and run into the fourth.

Van Boening’s break didn’t help Woodward as he clung to the only ball that stopped USA’s momentum and brought Switzerland back to the table only for Regli to scratch the ball after some safety . The United States took the lead for the first time after five racks. A break and a run in the sixth extended the USA lead to 4-2.

At 5-2, USA looked to hold all the aces in the rack with Switzerland hanging on from all angles only for Jungo to play the deliberate foul and force USA to think about their next move. With all four tied, Regli got him out of trouble and in the process opened him up for a Van Boening shot. Van Boening’s cut was missed and he scratched. With the cue ball in hand, the Swiss advanced to the eight before an error only for Woodward who also failed to make it safe. Eventually Switzerland won and it was 5-3.

The next rack was quick but beautiful, Woodward jumped to make a 1-9 combo worth taking down from the tournament. Woodward’s magic in the previous rack was the opposite of his next time at the table in the next shot as he missed all four balls from long range to open the table for Switzerland back within range at 6-4 .

Van Boening and Woodward were soon two away from victory, Jungo scratched trying to get the ball five after an ill-fated double kiss followed by the white ball hitting the seven and five to roll into the bottom pocket and the United did the damage.

The United States reached the hill in the next rack despite a dry break. Jungo left the one open in a crowded table and Van Boening and Woodward did the rest to be one of the semifinals. A battle ensued between the two for some time in the next rack where Switzerland finally got the upper hand to come back at 8-5.

Jungo was playing one game and he missed the break as the United States took a 9-5 victory to face Singapore in the semi-finals.

The long-awaited final quarter-final saw British favorites (Chris Melling and Imran Majid) meet one of the tournament favourites, Spaniards David Alcaide and Francisco Sanchez Ruiz. The two teams split the spoils at the start of the third rack where a costly miss by Majid on one gave Spain the initiative to take the lead in the commercials.

A brief safety battle in the next rack saw Britain with a chance at the table only for the Spaniards to well and truly hook the Brits, causing a foul from Melling and giving Spain the ball in hand to go up 3-1. Alcaide scratched the break in the next rack and Great Britain was just one behind. In the next rack and Sanchez Ruiz played expert bank on both balls the full length of the table before ending up with a clear potting angle on all four, blowing him up and keeping the table open. Majid couldn’t take advantage with his own bank on the six and Spain led 4-2.

Britain had their chances but in truth Spain were in an imperious mood as they shook off two more racks to lead 6-2 and just three from the finish line. The ninth rack was more or less the same for Spain as they continued to fire on all cylinders with a 2-8 combo in another break and run.

Melling and Majid’s hopes were firmly in the hands of Sanchez Ruiz and Alcaide as the two continued to batten down the hatches in any fightback with solid positional play and no errors. Melling had a shot on the two in the tenth rack but he caught the seven and that was the end of that for Spain to be on the hill. A final break and a run concluded a special performance from Spain to face Chinese Taipei tomorrow morning.

The action returns from 11am with the semi-finals live on Sky Sports Arena as well as DAZN in the US, Canada, Spain, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and on Viaplay in Scandinavia, the Baltics, the Netherlands, and Poland. See the full list of broadcasters here, including Matchroom.Live if no broadcaster is available.

See the full list of broadcasters here, including Matchroom.Live if no broadcaster is available.

Sunday June 19 – Morning Session – 11 a.m.

Semi-Final 1 – Spain (4) vs Chinese Taipei (9)

Semi-Final 2 – USA (2) vs Singapore (6)

Sunday June 19 – Evening session – 6 p.m.

Winner of semi-final 1 vs winner of semi-final 2 – Race to 11

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