USA wins seven golds and three silvers in Greco-Roman at U17 Pan American Championships in Argentina

United States of America, 2022 U17 Pan American Greco-Roman Team Champions. Photo courtesy of Kelli Shuffler

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina — Led by seven champions and three runners-up, the United States captured the team title at the U17 Pan Am Championships on Friday.

Team USA scored 235 points in the event, more than double the second place team from Argentina, which had 107 points. Brazil ranked third with 104 points, with 12 nations scoring team points.

The United States had an impressive 28-3 overall record in all 10 weight classes.

“Overall, Team USA fought with a lot of passion,” said USA coach Mike Pila. “Developmentally, it was a good tournament for them. For many of them it was their first international experience, but they trained and competed like veterans. The guys made adjustments in matches and fought hard, but with composure. Personally, I can’t wait to see them grow as they progress through the junior and senior ranks. They have represented their country, their clubs and their families well, and they all have a bright future ahead of them. The staff are very proud of them.

Claiming gold medals for Team USA was:
• Domenic Munaretto (Barrington, Ill.) at 45kg
• Christian Castillo (Glendale, Arizona) at 48kg
• Edwin Sierra (Yuma, Arizona) at 51kg
• Zan Fugitt (Clever, Missouri) at 60kg
• Joel Adams (Wahoo, Neb.) at 65kg
• Sawyer Bartelt (Coral Gables, Florida) at 92kg
• Koy Hopke (Amery, Wis.) at 110kg

The American champions who earned bonus points in all their matches were Munaretto, Castillo, Sierra, Fugitt, Adams, Han-Lindenmyer, Bartelt and Hopke.

Kael Lauridsen (Norfolk, Neb.) at 55kg, KJ Evans (Edmond, Okla.) at 71kg and Cole Han-Lindenmyer (Farmington, Minn.) at 80kg won silver medals for the United States.

The 10 boys who competed in Greco-Roman wrestling today will also wrestle in freestyle on Sunday.

Competition continues Saturday with the women’s freestyle division. Team USA has a full squad of talented girls ready to fight tomorrow.

The event is streamed live on FloWrestling.

Brackets for the contest can be found HERE.

In Buenos Aires, Argentina, on June 24

Greco-Roman medalists
Gold – Domenic Munaretto (USA)
Silver – Pedro Henrique DeSouza (Brazil)
Bronze – Oliver Edhu Contreras Chavez (Mexico)

48 kilograms
Gold – Christian Aaron Castillo (USA)
Silver – Moises Felipe Peralto Gonzalez (Ecuador)
Bronze – Santiago Augusto Pachado (Argentina)

51 kilograms
Gold – Edwin Sierra (USA)
Silver – Dan Ryan Ferreira Borges (Brazil)
Bronze – Facundo Nicolas Saquiz (Argentina)

55 kilograms
Gold – Abel Gustavo Sanchez Juarez (Peru)
Silver – Kael Jacob Lauridsen (USA)
Bronze Jose Martinez Mateo (Puerto Rico)

60 kilograms
Gold – Zan Robert Fugitt (USA)
Silver – Junior Cave (Peru)
Bronze – Diego Gildardo Terriquez Ibarra (Mexico)
Bronze – Rafael Omar Garcia Morales (Puerto Rico)

Gold – Joel Richard Adams (USA)
Silver – Santiago Alexander Pinargote Sornoza (Ecuador)
Bronze – Gabriel Nicolas Rivero (Argentina)

71 kilograms
Gold – Darfel Ignacio Parada Camacaro (Venezuela)
Silver – Kenneth Dewayne Evans (USA)
Bronze – Dario Cubas Castillo (Peru)
Bronze – Isaac Jery Tenorio Mosquera (Ecuador)

80 kilograms
Gold – Brian Jesus Ruiz Marin (Venezuela)
Silver – Cole Chim Han Lindemyer (USA)
Bronze – Adrian Exavier J Maynard (Barbados)

92 kilograms
Gold – Sawyer Douglas Bartelt (USA)
Silver – Kyle Santana Oliveira (Brazil)
Bronze – David Eduardo Ocaranza Ramirez (Mexico)

110 kilograms
Gold – Koy Duane Hopke (USA)
Silver – Ibrack David Angulo Castillo (Ecuador)
Bronze – Leonardo Andres Ibanez (Argentina)

American Greco-Roman Performance

45 kg: Domenic Munaretto (Barrington, Illinois), gold medal
VICTORY Pedro De Souza Rodriguez (Brazil), technical fall 13-4, 2:13
WINS Oliver Contreras Chavez (Mexico), pin 0:37

48 kg: Christian Castillo (Glendale, Arizona), gold medal
VICTORY Santiago Pachado (Argentina), 0:17
WINS Moises Peralta Gonzalez (Ecuador), 9-0 1:10

51 kg: Edwin Sierra (Yuma, Arizona), gold medal
VICTORY Dan Ferreira Borges (Brazil), 0:36
WIN Facundo Saquiz (Argentina), technician. fall 9-0, 0:30
VICTORY Kleiber Betancourt Aponte (Venezuela), forfeit

55 kg: Kael Lauridsen (Norfolk, Neb.), silver medal
WINS Mario Choc Choc (Guatemala), Pin 0:47
WIN Derek Martinez Mateo (Puerto Rico), pin, 0:23
WINS Gustavo Dos Santos Silva (Brazil), Pin 1:10
DEFEAT Abel Sanchez Juarez (Peru), 13-11

60 kg: Zan Fugitt (Clever, Mo.), gold medal
WIN Clisman Carracedo Veliz (Ecuador), technician. failure 8-0, 0:44
WIN Diego Terriquez Ibarra (Mexico), technical fall 9-0, 3:31
WIN Aymar Janampa Cave (Peru), technical fall, 8-0 1:0

65 kg: Joel Adams (Wahoo, Neb.), gold medal
WIN Gabriel Rivero (Argentina), technician. fall 9-0, 2:27
WIN Santiago Pinargote Sornoza (Ecuador), tech. fall 12-3
WIN Jose Sandoval Lopez (Guatemala), technician. fall 9-0, 0:23
VICTORY Carlos Rivera Cid (Mexico), technical fall 9-0, 1:00

71 kg: KJ Evans (Edmond, Okla.), silver medal
VICTORY Victor Soto Rivera (Puerto Rico), technician. fall, 8-0, 0:08
VICTORY Dario Cubas Castillo (Peru), 7-6
DEFEAT Darfel Parada Camacaro (Venezuela), disq. watch out, 3:57

80 kg: Cole Han-Lindenmyer (Farmington, Minnesota), silver medal
WIN Adrian Exavier Maynard (Barbados), technician. fall 8-0, 0:42
WIN Mateo Pereyra Albornoz (Argentina), technician. failed 11-0, 0:25
DEFEAT Brian Ruiz Marin (Venezuela), 15-5, 2:59

92 kg: Sawyer Bartelt (Coral Gables, Florida), gold medal
WIN Jorge Gonzalez (Argentina), technician. fall 8-0, 0:49
WINS David Ocaranza Ramirez (Mexico), Pin 0:43
WIN Kyle Santana Oliveira (Brazil), technician. fall 9-0, 1:15

110 kg: Koy Hopke (Amery, Wis.), gold medal
WIN Caio Baeta de Oliveira (Brazil), technician. fall, 9-0, 0:32
WIN Ibrack Angulo Castillo (Ecuador), technician. fall 8-0, 1:11
WIN Jose Navarro Nolasco (Mexico), technician. failure 8-0, 0:22
WIN Leonardo Ibanez (Argentina), technician. fall 8-0, 0:28

Ranking of the Greco-Roman team
1. United States, 235
2. Argentina, 107
3. Brazil, 104
4. Ecuador, 85
5. Mexico, 71
6. Peru, 60
7. Venezuela, 50
8. Puerto Rico, 40
9. Guatemala, 20
10. Chile, 18
11. Barbados, 15
12. Bolivia, 4

Calendar of remaining events
(local time, which is one hour ahead of the US Eastern time zone)

Saturday June 25
10:00 a.m. – Qualifying and WFS repechage
6:00 p.m. – WFS Medal Matches

Sunday June 26
10 a.m. – Qualification rounds and MFS repechage
6:00 p.m. – MFS Medal Games

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