Valorant TEC Challenger Series 8: Day 2 results

On August 13, 2022, the second day of the TEC Valorant Challenger Series 8 ended at the TEC Arena. The final stage of the tournament brought together four highly skilled Indian Valorant teams, one of which took time off today.

Revenant Esports became the first team to leave TEC Arena in Challenger Series 8 after taking on Enigma Gaming. On the other side, Velocity Gaming defeated Orangutan in the Upper Bracket Finals to reach the Grand Finals.

Velocity Gaming sent Orangutan to the Lower Bracket Finals, where they will have another shot at staying in the tournament. However, the competition promises to be tough as they will have to face Enigma Gaming, which has the potential to fight against them.

Here’s a detailed look at what happened on day two of TEC Challenger Series 8 at TEC Arena.

Valorant TEC Challenger Series 8 Day 2 Results

Day two of the Valorant tournament kicked off with Enigma Gaming taking on Revenant Esports in the Lower Bracket Semi-Finals. As both teams’ progress in the tournament was at stake, they gave their best from the start.

With the first Pearl card, the two teams began the confrontation by elimination. Things looked in Enigma Gaming’s favor in the first half as they were 7-5 up. However, that lead didn’t last long and Revenant Esports came back strong, making it 11-13 and winning the map.

With Revenant Esports only one card away from winning the game, Enigma Gaming reignited their will to win and perfectly won Ascent with a score of 13-4. This spirit carried over into the final map, Icebox, where Enigma won the match with a score of 13-6.

As a result, Revenant Esports had to leave the Valorant TEC Challenger Series 8 stage early, while Enigma Gaming made it to the Lower Bracket Finals to earn a chance to reach the Grand Finals.

The second match of the day featured Orangutan and Velocity Gaming with the chosen cards: Haven, Ascent and Bind.

The winner of the first map was Velocity Gaming, as they scored 13-10 against Orangutan on Haven. Orangutan had tried to win the map and held the score at 10-10, but Velocity Gaming got the upper hand by winning three straight sets.

Only one map away from winning this match, Velocity Gaming entered the second map all fired up. In the first half, Velocity Gaming held off Orangutan 10-2 and decimated their hopes of victory.

In the second half of the card, Velocity Gaming took their victory against Orangutan with a score of 13-4, advancing to the Grand Finals.

Orangutan was sent to the Lower Bracket Finals to meet Enigma Gaming again, where one of them will have the chance to play in the Grand Finals.

Edited by Soumyadyuti Ghosh

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