Wednesday isn’t moving to Prime Video

Jenna Ortega in Wednesday

Jenna Ortega in Wednesday
Photo: Netflix

We may have to take inspiration from Jenna Ortega as Wednesday and stop blinking. It’s starting to feel like every time we do, some new bit of information emerges about the Netflix mega-hit.

On Monday, The Independent reported that Wednesday might be severing (get it? like Thing?) its ties with Netflix and moving to Prime Video for its second season. While fans took this rumor and ran with it, IndieWire reported today that there’s simply no way that will actually happen.

Come on folks, do we really think that Netflix would give up on a fresh, interesting, and beloved new series that easily? It’s not like it’s happened (time and time again) before! Here’s to a long and fruitful life for 1899, which premiered just six weeks ago. Oh, wait

Still, despite Netflix’s obsession with the ax, Wednesday seems to be safe for now. IndieWire explains that much of the confusion centered around the fact that MGM, which produces Wednesday, closed an $8.5 billion merger with Amazon last year. As the Addams Family spinoff is an MGM property and has not yet been officially renewed at Netflix (although show-runners are reportedly already scouting season two locations), fans speculated that the show would jump to Prime along with the rest of the MGM library.

A source closer to the situation, however, reports that the deal between Netflix and MGM for Wednesday was locked in “long before” the merger, and presumably remains unaffected. In addition, the original The Independent story reporting the rumor even went so far as to note that the contract between Prime and MGM did not give Amazon exclusive rights to MGM content (per Deadline), so the show can absolutely still live on Netflix.

Besides, Wednesday was allegedly Netflix’s biggest English-language debut ever. Sure, the show may be a sweet tale with a good story and some great performances, but we all know Netflix’s real priority: they would never give up the opportunity for that sweet, sweet viral Tik Tok dance money.

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