Whisker Sells One Millionth Robot and Completes Its $10M USA Manufacturing Expansion

AUBURN HILLS, Michigan–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Whisker, the global leader in connected pet care for 22 years, sold its millionth Robot (Litter-Robot and Feeder-Robot) in December, marking a major milestone for the company as it continues to developing new technologies to solve pain points for pet parents today. This historic sale crowns several years of remarkable growth for the brand. This year alone, the brand launched the latest iteration of Litter-Robot, Litter-Robot 4, made a $10 million investment in a US warehouse expansion in Juneau, Wisconsin, and expanded its team to over 400 US-based employees with over 40 engineers.

As a leading innovator in pet care and pet technology, the Whisker team is proud to design, engineer and assemble its robotic pet devices in the USA. , providing beautiful, solution-oriented products to make parenting more enjoyable. Each product is carefully developed and undergoes rigorous testing to meet the high standards of cats and pet parents.

The Litter-Robot 4 was meticulously designed by the Whisker team, taking into account over 20 years of product innovation and experience. Key features of the latest self-cleaning litter box include its patented connected app, health monitoring technology and another evolution of the brand’s patented litter-sifting mechanism, among additional features that enhance the patient’s care experience. cat. Since its launch in May, Litter-Robot 4 sales have exceeded expectations and generated rave reviews from the press, including recognition from TIME Magazine, The Wall Street Journal and more. The company’s impressive growth trajectory over the past 5 years was also featured in a profile and daily coverage in Forbes last month.

“As the global leader in connected pet care and inventors of the best-selling automatic sifting litter box, Litter-Robot, we are very proud to lead the category of smart pet technologies to transform pet parenting. cats for the better, and the sale of our millionth robot is just the start for Whisker to do just that,” said Whisker President and CEO Jacob Zuppke. “As we reflect on the success of recent years, including our recent $10 million investment to expand our US-based manufacturing facility, we look forward to building on this continued momentum and improving the pet and parent experience even further. pets around the world.”

Last June, Whisker finalized its $10 million investment to expand its US manufacturing facility in Juneau, Wisconsin, demonstrating the brand’s commitment to domestic manufacturing. The opening of the impressive 162,500 square foot facility has created more than 100 new jobs, with another 200 expected over the next two years. The new facility will allow Whisker to continue to lead the pet technology industry in quality and design – ensuring Litter-Robot, Feeder-Robot and Litterbox.com offer the best and most ethical pet care products in the USA.

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About Whisker

Whisker, formerly known as AutoPets, is the maker of Litter-Robot, Feeder-Robot and Litterbox.com. Launched in 2000 by inventor Brad Baxter, Whisker is an international leader in connected pet care and fine pet accessories. Whisker is based in Auburn Hills, Michigan and Juneau, Wisconsin with over 400 passionate members.

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