Witchfire: Release Date, Latest News & Leaks

Guns, magic and death await us in Witchfire. This upcoming game is expected to change the mold of medieval RPGs, and everyone at EarlyGame is very interested in seeing where this RPG goes. Could it compete with Elder Scrolls or Mass Effect? Who knows. Either way, we’ve broken down this upcoming game for you. Check out Witchfire today!

Witchfire will change the standard mechanics we’re used to seeing in a medieval RPG, and everyone at EarlyGame couldn’t be more excited. | @ The astronauts

The Summer Game Festival 2022 could be defined by one word: horror. It seems that horror-themed games are regaining their popularity, as the announcements made at SOGF were for games of fear and tension. We can’t wait for this increase in horror-themed games, but one that pops up is Witchfire from The Astronauts.

Witchfire was originally announced in 2017 for PC. However, development delays pushed this game back five years. Wise.

Everyone at Summer Game Fest got excited about Witchfire. Despite this, few details have been revealed about this medieval-themed game. Most people don’t even know it exists, but we’re here to change that with an informative Witchfire analysis. Get ready to learn more about Witchfire.

Is Witchfire coming out in 2023?

The Astronauts did not provide an official release date for Witchfire. However, these developers have claimed that Witchfire will be coming to PC in Q4 2022. That means we can expect this next RPG anywhere. between October 1 and December 31, 2022.

After five years of development, astronauts are not expected to announce any further delays for Witchfire. But the release date should have been announced during the Summer Games Fest 2022. As such, one wonders what is happening behind the scenes. Could another postponement be announced? Who knows, but we’ll let you know when a release date is officially announced.

Game setting, story and everything we know about Witchfire

This first-person shooter is set in the “War on Witches” setting. The church will use various forms of pagan magic to defeat these witches, and this is where our protagonist comes in. They will travel to the Black Sea in search of an ancient artifact. If this artifact can be located, the Holy Roman Empire and the Church will be victorious over their sinister enemies.

Possessed Skeletons will attack you at all costs in Witchfire. Be sure to come prepared! | @ The astronauts

Details on gameplay and combat abilities have been kept under wraps. However, we know that there is a complex magical system that surrounds the four elements. We will combine our gunpowder with earth, water, fire and air elements. This allows us to acquire unique abilities like freezing our enemies with water or decomposing them with fire. We even have the ability to push enemies outwards with a powerful gust of wind, and movements of this nature will allow us to defeat any witch, including the Queen of the Black Sea.

Gameplay in Astronaut’s Witchfire is described the same way as Elden Ring and BioShock. You can see an immediate familiarity with BioShock when viewing Witchfire’s firing mechanics and magical abilities. We found that there were more similarities with Elder Scrolls: Oblivion than Elden Ring, but that’s our personal opinion. Either way, the gameplay looks versatile and exciting.

Is Witchfire coming to Xbox Series X/S and PC?

Unfortunately, the astronauts did not announce the launch of Witchfire on the Xbox series X/S or PS5. This game is not intended for consoles, at least not when it was initially released. It is launched on PC exclusively for the Epic Games Store.

Here’s an up-close and personal look at Witchfire’s Skeleton Warriors. | @ The astronauts

This means Astronauts will not launch Witchfire on Steam for at least a year, as the exclusive rights will be held by the Epic Games Store. If you’re interested in Witchfire, we recommend downloading the Epic Games Store and adding this next RPG to your wishlist.

Is Witchfire part of Xbox Game Pass?

Exclusive to Witchfire on the Epic Games Store. This means that the Steam Store will not be supported at launch. As we mentioned earlier, purchasing this game through Valve’s PC platform wouldn’t be possible for at least a year.

Any chance of this RPG coming to the Xbox Game Pass is weak. But whatever ? Xbox fans have Elder Scrolls Six is coming to Xbox Series X/S as an exclusive title. You can bet Elder Scrolls 6 will be more popular than Witchfire.

Is Witchfire coming to the Steam Deck?

Anyone with the Steam Deck will be able to download Witchfire. However, the installation process is somewhat complex. You have to go through several steps to download Epic Games Store. Fortunately, we have provided these steps for you below.

Lush forests with unexpected relics from the holy land await us in Witchfire. | @ The astronauts
  • Turn on the Steam Deck
  • Select desktop mode
  • Click the Discover icon in the toolbar
  • Search Epic Game Store or Heroic Games Launcher
  • Select to download and wait for the time required for installation

Various players have reported that the installation process takes several tries before it actually works. You may need to download the Epic Games Store three times before it works. It all depends on your Steam bridge.

Game trailer

Astronauts have already released an official trailer for Witchfire. If more trailers are released, we’ll update this article.

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